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and the mortifying moment of fashion week…

Posted By admin On February 22, 2011 @ 6:17 am In new york fashion week,style | 16 Comments

So, Fashion Week was an amazing experience, and I’m so very happy and grateful to have been a part of it.  But while there were so many incredible, once-in-a-lifetime moments, there was also one moment that was more mortifying than I could ever have imagined. 

And, after much internal debate, I decided to tell you guys about it.  Hopefully this will be a little cathartic for me and not just embarrassing.  I could have just kept it to myself, and no one would ever know the difference — but really, it feels a little dishonest to post so many times about “OMG I saw thirty fashion shows and I’m so cool and glamorous” without mentioning…


Oh.  My.  God.  The third day of Fashion week, I was wearing these ridiculously high heels (as always), and walking across the promenade of Lincoln Center that becomes kind of a gauntlet for everyone walking into the tents.  It’s filled with photographers from major magazines as well as street style bloggers, and you can’t walk in or out without posing for a half dozen photos.  Which is totally fun, and honestly, it’s actually pretty awesome when people like your outfit enough to ask you to stop.

So I’m coasting along, pausing for photos, feeling pretty good about myself.  And then my stiletto heel hits the ground wrong and I go DOWN.  I don’t just stumble — I fall to my knees, bag crashing down on the pavement.  And all I’m thinking is that this terrible moment is going to end up in about a hundred street style blogs next week under the Fashion Roadkill header.

A guy came over and helped me up, and I must have looked like I was about to cry, because he said to me: “Now you know how the models feel.”  And oh my gosh, I will never snicker when a model falls on the runway again. 

I called Chad the second I got into the tents, and he somehow thought it was a good idea to ask IF I WAS OK.  Clearly, if I’m telling you this story, I’m not ok.  Physically, maybe I was fine.  But are you kidding me?  I get to go to FASHION WEEK and I fall walking into the tents? 

Just typing it is making my stomach cringe.

But, okay.  If the worst thing that happened to me all week was that little tumble, I guess I’m not doing so badly.  I’m sure even Anna Wintour has stumbled in heels once or twice (right?). 

And just to prove that I can actually walk (most of the time), below is a little clip that Ecco Domani recorded of my mock-runway walk.  I’ll admit that this clip is a little mortifying too (really, Katy?  ‘It’s more like a dance?’  WHY AM I SUCH A DORK???), but also kind of cute. 

And let’s face it — when you start taking all this stuff seriously, it becomes a lot less fun.  So I hope to keep stumbling, tripping and dancing my way through Fashion Week for many seasons to come.

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