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beauty: clean sweep

Posted By admin On January 7, 2011 @ 5:09 am In beauty | 16 Comments

I woke up the first morning of 2011, and I had this very unique urge.

To clean.

See, I am not a neat freak.  Especially with respect to clothes and beauty products, I can be a bit of a hoarder (isn’t it funny how that word has thoroughly replaced ‘pack rat’ by now?).  I’m so jealous of people who are naturally tidy and organized, and I’m trying very, very hard to be more like that myself in 2011. 

And to start, I woke up the first morning of the year and cleaned out my makeup cabinet.  I made a rule for myself that if I didn’t remember when I’d gotten a product, it was definitely too old to keep around.  What’s more, if I’d had something for over three months without wearing it once, it got tossed as well.  And, most of all, anything that irritated my skin went into the trash (WHY would I keep products around if they irritate my skin?  Wish I could tell you…)

I was so proud of my newly organized cabinets that I had to snap a picture for you guys.  What do you think — great start to 2011?!

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