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happy first birthday, baby bear!

April 20th, 2015 · No Comments


Dear Baby Bear,

This weekend, we celebrated your first birthday.

I know. I can’t believe it either.

How is it possible that you’re a year old already? It feels like moments ago when I was was nine months pregnant and couldn’t wait for you to arrive, so nervous and scared and naive about the year we were about to be thrown into.

And now you’re a year old. You’re not an infant anymore, and you’re hardly a baby. You’re just on the border of toddlerhood, the same person you’ve always been, and different every day. It’s been a year of watching you grow and change in so many ways, with me just trying to just hold on and keep up.

The night of your birthday party, we sat in your rocking chair before bed, like we always do. And for a moment, I thought about those early days, when you were too tiny to even hold your head up and all you wanted was to snuggle and feel safe and warm in my arms. And I hugged you closer, because you’re so much bigger now but you’re still that same baby to me. You always will be.

This year has been so incredibly wonderful And it’s also been so incredibly hard. I’ve spent a lot of time wondering if having a baby was hard or wonderful, like it had to be one or the other. But it’s always been both. Every single day, it’s been both at the exact same time. It was the toughest year I’ve ever had. And it was also the best year of my life.

There were nights holding you in my arms when I wanted to just stop time forever, to pause that moment and spend eternity there. The joy of watching you grow up is impossible to even describe, and even now, after a year, it all felt like it went by too fast. Some days felt like they’d never end, but this year passed in the blink of an eye.

More than anything, though, I’m so grateful that you’re part of our family. Your entry in our lives was like nothing I’ve ever experienced, and the best way I can explain it is this: The love that I have for you is so immense that it’s made me love everything in the world a little bit more. You opened up my heart in a completely new way, and I will forever be grateful for it.

At your party, some of my friends with older kids told me that a baby’s first birthday is for the parents to celebrate making it through the first year. And we did. We made it, and we celebrated.

It was the toughest year.

It was the best year.

Happy birthday, Baby Bear. We love you so much.
















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spotlight on: max’s first birthday party

April 13th, 2015 · 2 Comments


We’ve been spending the last few weeks getting ready for Bear’s first birthday (can you believe it’s been a year already?) and I found myself going through some photos of my friend Ellie’s birthday party for her son, Max. 

Ellie did such a beautiful job with everything for this party, from the decorations to the food to the amazing smash cake for her little birthday boy.  Obviously, I loved the Bear theme she chose! 

So as I was looking back through these photos, I wanted to share a few shots I took at the party with you guys. 

Aren’t they just darling?  I love all the beautiful little details she thought of, from little chalkboards displaying every detail to the teddy bear cake!  It was such a perfect afternoon, and I hope that our party in a few weeks is half as pretty as hers was.







Max Final 3


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spotlight on: julie’s baby girl nursery

March 19th, 2015 · 1 Comment

Julie 8.Final

When my friend Julie posted a snapshot of her nursery for her soon-to-be baby girl, my jaw dropped.  Four seconds later, I had recovered enough to text her and ask if I could feature it on Sugarlaws — that’s how beautifully she designed this room.

Thankfully for you guys, she agreed, and I couldn’t be happier with how the photos turned out.  I’d love to feature more of our friends and family on Sugarlaws — there are so many beautiful home, style, and mothering tips that are way beyond what I could dream up, and sometimes it feels selfish to keep them to myself! 

Take Julie: she was a buyer at Christian Dior before moving to Houston (I know.  Seriously.) and now she runs her own boutique in West U.  (For you Houstonians, she also does interior design and styling!) So it’s no surprise that she has impeccable taste. 

But this nursery? 

Beyond impeccable. 

As you guys know, my fashion and home decor style is all about the bold, bright colors, but what I love most about Julie’s nursery is that she went the opposite route: peaceful, delicate neutrals.  What a gorgeous, serene room for her baby girl to grow up in!


Julie 21.Final


Julie 9.Final

From Julie:

Since opening Julie Rhodes Fashion & Home in October 2013, I’ve been busy with my interior design clients and the day to day running of the store and have had less time to spend on my own home.  It was so fun to work on this space and to be my own client, so to speak.

I wanted to invest in pieces that my baby could grow into and that would be timeless. When I found the the inlay dresser, I fell in love and ended up designed the rest of the room around it.  I had the antique chandelier in one of our guest rooms and chose to move it to the nursery to dress the room up a bit.  I didn’t want the space to feel all white or too baby pink. Mary McDonald’s blush color was a nice compromise and allowed me to use grey and taupe colors to balance everything. 

I added the rug at the very last minute, to ground the space and give some color and texture to the floor (I also figured it would be easier to replace a rug than carpet, in the event of an explosive diaper or spit up situation!) Ultimately, I wanted this nursery to be beautiful, but also practical and to live up to every day life as my daughter grows up.

Drapes & Valance: Custom (Custom, Mary McDonald fabric)
Crib Linens: Custom (Custom, Mary McDonald fabric).
Antique Venetian Chandelier (Boxwood Interiors)
Dresser: Restoration Hardware Baby & Child Amira Inlay Dresser
Art: original Le Rire magazine covers (Custom framed). Paper Source map of Paris (Custom framed).
Book Shelf & Marble Side Table (Source: Julie Rhodes Fashion & Home)
Charles & Ray Eames Elephant: Here.
Rug: Restoration Hardware Baby & Child Tivoli Trellis Wool Flatweave Rug

Julie 3.Final


Julie 4.Final

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bear’s first rodeo

March 16th, 2015 · 2 Comments

Photo Mar 12, 4 52 58 PM

In case you don’t happen to live in Texas, let me explain:

The Rodeo is a Big. Deal.

Like, we are talking, shut-down-entire-sections-of-a-four-million-person-city-just-because-of-Rodeo-traffic kind of big deal.  At this time of the year, it’s all people can talk about, and whether you’re going once, twice, or every single day for three weeks (hey, not judging, I promise), the Rodeo is kind of the ultimate destination in Houston in March.

So, even though we were facing a rainy, gray morning, my friend Ellie and I decided to pack up our kiddos and head over. 

And, I’d say this was a success!  I’m not sure Bear fully understood the whole “Rodeo” event, but he loved looking around at all the people and animals.  Next year he’ll even get to try some fried bacon!  (Just kidding… I think.)

So I thought I’d share a few photos with you guys!  Thanks to Ellie for convincing us to put on our wellies and brave the rain (she’s British, so this sounded totally glamorous when she suggested it)!  I already can’t wait for next year.

Photo Mar 12, 4 58 48 PM

Photo Mar 12, 4 57 56 PM

Photo Mar 12, 5 00 12 PM

Photo Mar 12, 5 06 03 PM

Photo Mar 12, 6 06 43 PM

Photo Mar 12, 4 50 47 PM

Photo Mar 12, 4 54 13 PM

Photo Mar 12, 4 56 33 PM

Photo Mar 12, 4 57 21 PM

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this weekend

March 8th, 2015 · No Comments


This weekend, we did something a little new.

One of our babysitters plays on the Rice Women’s Basketball team, and this weekend, she invited us to come out and see them play!  So on Saturday, we bundled up the stroller and headed over to the Rice Stadium (which, conveniently, is basically across the street from our house). And Bear got to experience his first basketball game!

As he’s gotten a little bit older and more interested in the world, we really can’t keep him cooped up at home on the weekends anymore.  His nursery is fine for naps and our playroom is fun for a few hours, but if we don’t get out of the house at least once for a few hours, this little kiddo is not a happy camper.  So the idea of a fun outing in the afternoon?  Yes please. 

And we had a blast!  I’m not sure he knew exactly what was happening, but he sat in our laps and watched the game every once in a while, and the people and noises kept him happily occupied for two hours. So in my book, that is a WIN.

This type of outing is what I was most looking forward to when I thought, years ago, about having kids.  Little family outings to the zoo or the museum or the park or the playground, the ones that I did with my parents that they still tell stories about.  (Please, do not get my mom started about feeding the ducks.  Apparently I was, like, super into feeding the ducks and have consequently heard that story oh, maybe five trillion times.) I’d think about my future life and those future outings, and even though I had no idea what my family would look like or where we’d be living, I’d still imagine those little moments.

And, then, on Saturday, I blinked and suddenly one of those moments was here, right in front of me.  The imaginary moment I’d always thought about, taking my child on family outings and coming up with fun activities to share with him. 

And, you know what I did, when I realized that moment was happening?

I just smiled at our son and made a mental note of how incredibly grateful I am for this life.

In the last ten months, there were days (and nights) with a newborn that felt like they would never end.  There were weeks and months when juggling work and motherhood feels like more than I can possibly do.  There were moments when I was certain that I’ll never have time for a manicure, a full night of sleep, or a minute to myself until this kid leaves for college.  (A small part of me is still convinced that this is a possibility.) Those were hard moments.

But there are also moments like this weekend, when I come up for air and look around and think:

oh, wow. 

This moment that I always dreamed of. 

It’s happening right here in front of me.

So, baby Bear, I hope you enjoyed your first basketball game. 

Your mom sure did.






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