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practice safe sun

July 1st, 2011 · 9 Comments

Oh, that’s just me and my friend Giada. 

We’re besties, didn’t you know? 

Right after this picture was taken, we spent the afternoon whipping up some homemade pasta and she confessed that she’s been reading Sugarlaws every day since I founded it in 2007.

(Oh wait, that last part was only in my dreams…)

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I attended Cosmopolitan’s Practice Safe Sun Awards!  This year, they had another incredible group of honorees, including Giada and the beautiful Laura Linney (below), each speaking out about how dangerous and deadly Melanoma can be if you’re not careful about protecting your skin from the sun.

In fact, I felt a little terrible asking Giada for a picture ten minutes after she told us all about losing her 30 year old brother to Melanoma (so terrifying).  But I’m so happy that Cosmopolitan has taken up this important case, and has committed to getting the message to women in their teens, twenties and thirties that skin cancer is both deadly and preventable. 

I know at this time of the year especially, everybody wants to look tan and get that bronze-y glow — but there is no need to actually expose your skin to the sun to get it!  I have a post coming up about fabulous self tanner options, and you can do a better job getting a beach goddess look with makeup than you could with a real tan! 

So the next time you’re even considering going to a tanning bed, take that $15 and pick up a good bronzer instead.

And on that note, happy Fourth of July!  Hope you guys all spend the weekend sleeping in, eating corn on the cob and ice cream, and siting by the pool — just make sure you’re lathered up with sunscreen beforehand!

Many thanks to Jill of for taking these photos!

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style: jay godfrey spring preview

November 2nd, 2010 · 7 Comments

Last week, I was so thrilled to attend a preview for Jay Godfrey’s spring line.  I was super excited for a number of reasons — first and foremost was the fact that his dresses make you wish you had the kind of life where you could wear them every day.  Bright, bold and perfectly feminine, they’re basically my idea of heaven.  Since New York has been turning chilly and rainy lately, I figured a hefty dose of spring dresses would improve my mood quite a bit.

And oh, did they.  It’s been two months since Fashion Week, and clearly there has been a void in my life where the gorgeous clothes and beautiful models should go.  And when Olivia Palermo walked in the door?  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  She is so pretty.  I realized today that I never posted my pictures from the Tibi show, where I saw Olivia during Fashion Week, so this is my first photo of her on Sugarlaws!  She is so, so gorgeous and has the most amazing style — total inspiration.

The absolutely stunning Jessica Szohr (Vanessa on Gossip Girl) also came — so this was quite an event!  But the best part (I think) was Jay bringing out his adorable four-month-old baby girl.  Can you imagine what a well-dressed kid she is going to be?

Shop this post:

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style: elie tahari grand opening

October 25th, 2010 · 15 Comments

Last week, I had so much fun attending the opening of the Elie Tahari boutique at Saks!  The event was hosted by Katie Cassidy, currently on Gossip Girl, but also an alum of the new Melrose Place (which was worth watching mostly for her wardrobe) and my favorite, horror mini-series Harper’s Island.  It’s on Netflix on demand, if any of you love scary movies as much as I do.

But I digress.  Katie Cassidy looked absolutely stunning in one of my favorite dresses from their fall line, as did all the other celebs attending the event decked out in Elie Tahari — all of whom, I might add, seemed to have a totally understandable penchant for sparkles.  Below are some other pictures from the event, including model Jessica White and pop star Kat De Luna.  And, um, well, also me.

I had a super fun weekend, culminating with an awesome photoshoot with Jordan of Ramshackle Glam!  I’m putting my thinking cap on for fall recipes, but it was great to spend an afternoon outdoors on one of the last few days of non-jacket weather.  And we still got to drink mulled wine!  It’s like the best of both worlds — fall cooking, spring temperatures.  Yum. 

Last, as promised, the winner of the Shopbop giftcard is comment #26, Alex!  Send an email to and I’ll send you the certificate!

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