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style: dinner with kenneth cole

October 21st, 2010 · 25 Comments

You know what is a little bit nutso? Getting to meet someone whose name you’ve seen on storefronts your entire life. Kenneth Cole is such a mega-brand, it’s easy to forget he’s actually a real person — much less a sweet, humble, incredibly cool person who invited twenty or so of his favorite bloggers to dinner on Monday night of this week.

And guess what? One of those invitations went to me! On Friday of last week, I received an awesome Sony “Bloggie” video camera with a video invite from Kenneth Cole himself — what an invitation! And three days later, I was beyond thrilled to meet THE Kenneth Cole at his beautiful showroom, to eat a delicious dinner inspired by his collection and sneak the first peek at his beautiful clothes, shoes and bags for Spring. The clothes were inspired by the mountains, the rainforest and the desert, and I was pretty darn inspired by them — so beautiful, chic and effortless, exactly what I like.

I had so much fun with bloggers I already know and a few new ones I hadn’t met — there are so many great girls with amazing sites, and I think we were all so universally grateful to be included in a night like this! It’s always so inspiring (and intimidating) to hear what everyone is up to!

I’m going to post some videos of the Kenneth Cole event to the Sugarlaws Facebook page this weekend (I’m excited and frightened that Sugarlaws now has more Facebook friends than I do personally!), and while you’re there, check out some of the photos I took of the Tory Burch Spring 2011 collection! But first, scroll down for more from this amazing night with Kenneth Cole!

Above: Me with Kenneth Cole and Lindsey of Saucy Glossie

The absolutely beautiful table settings — but be careful!
The middle of the table is water, and someone maaaay have dropped a fork into it…

Me with a group of bloggers, talking to Kenneth

Me with Lindsay and Michelle from


Kenneth let us each pick out a bag or pair of shoes at the end of the event.
This picture is of Christine from My Style Pill modeling the bag I chose!
Love it so much — how classic and gorgeous is it?

Ok, so, um, why is it that I’m the only person at the table laughing hysterically?
I am such a dork.
But I love this photo.

The full gorgeous line of Kenneth Cole spring clothes.

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style: heidi klum for new balance

October 11th, 2010 · 11 Comments

I’m oddly grateful to Project Runway.

To me, that show was the first step in the demystification of the fashion world that paved the way for this crazy new thing called a fashion blogger.  On Project Runway, you saw the blood, sweat and many, many tears that it takes to make a collection, and suddenly the clothes on the runways weren’t these gorgeous creations that sprang from nowhere, but were the product of hard work by really talented people in a way that you could sort of understand.  To me, and I’m sure to a lot of others, it made fashion accessible in a way that nothing else had.

I mean, seriously.  It made me buy a sewing machine.  And I didn’t even give up when it took me four straight hours to thread it for the first time.

In other words — Heidi is a genius.  Many times over.  And as her name has become synonymous with fashion in the last seven or so years, I was really excited to be invited to the launch party for her line with New Balance!

At the party, and I had a chance to chat for a little bit with Carol Hannah, one of my all-time favorite Project Runway contestants (remember this dress?  Love.) She’s launched a bridal line full of gorgeous, whimsical dresses and super-cute bridesmaids dresses that are carried at stores across the country and OMG she is so adorable.  I thought she was so cute on the show and she’s exactly the same in person — so sweet and genuine and just totally adorable.

I forgot to ask who her favorite contestant is this season, but I’ll say right now: Chad and I are obsessed with Mondo.  Although, really, everyone is so talented, I couldn’t even imagine picking a winner — that’s why it’s so fun to watch.

In between snapping photos of all the Project Runway contestants (Andy!  Peach!  Ivy!) I took a look at the models decked out in Heidi’s New Balance line.  It’s sold exclusively on Amazon, and let me say, I went home that night and guess what site was first on my computer?  This one. So go check out the whole collection, which includes the winning three looks from this week’s episode! 

Who’s your Project Runway pick this season?  And zomg, how beautiful is Heidi?

In the gift bag for this event, I received a Heidi Klum for New Balance t-shirt and a coupon for a pair of New Balance sneakers.

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style: rebecca minkoff spring 2011

October 7th, 2010 · 12 Comments

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since Fashion Week, and I haven’t posted about the Rebecca Minkoff show!  It’s particularly shocking because this was one of my very favorite shows of the whole week!  Every look was something I could see as a total staple in my closet — so completely wearable and chic.

The clothes, yum.  The shoes, double yum.  The bags, totally to die for.  The models all looked like your coolest, most stylish friend — everything would transition seamlessly into everyday life, you’d just look really great.  This was definitely not a collection you love on the runway but can’t think of anywhere to wear it to — I want these dresses for work, for weekends, or just because!

And best of all, Rebecca broke a major barrier in the fashion blogging world — she used superstar blogger Rumi Neely as one of her models!  Rebecca designed her dress (last photo, below) specifically for Rumi, and Oh. My. Gosh.  When Rebecca Minkoff designs a dress for you, you have seriously arrived. 

I have a few more shows to go, that I’ll be spreading over the next few weeks.  At the very least, I promise I’ll be done by the time winter Fashion Week rolls around!  (I hope…)

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