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tutorial: fishtail braid

August 11th, 2011 · 14 Comments

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again (in fact, I think I say it about 25 times in this video):

This style is SO much easier than it looks!

The fishtail braid gives you this huge wow factor, but it’s actually incredibly simple.  It’s a little tricky to get the technique at first, but once you’ve done it three or four times, you could literally recreate this style blindfolded.  And you don’t need any special tools — just a hair elastic and your hands!

When I asked you guys what your favorite summer styles were, probably three quarters of you said styles that were off your neck (blame the August heat for that one)!  So every single one of you should give this a ty– super chic, super easy, and perfect for those hot summer days when you don’t want to wear your hair down!

PS — Did you know you can watch my videos in HD?  Just change the “360p” button on the bottom of the video to “720p HD” and you’re good to go.  You know, just in case you need to see what every single strand of hair is doing in this video…

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giveaway: paul labrecque

July 29th, 2011 · 68 Comments

I have something to admit.

I’m actually a little terrified of getting my hair cut. 

People ask me all the time how I get my hair to grow so long, and the truth is that I put off getting haircuts for at least six months at a time.  I had a series of bad cuts in high school and early college (including a very bad mishap where I believe a stylist who told me I could totally rock Kate-Moss-bangs . . . to this day, I lack photographic evidence the following six months of my life thanks to him).

But last week, I was invited into Paul Labrecque for a haircut and some summer styling tips!  Since Paul Labrecque has been responsible for two of the best hairstyles I’ve ever had, I decided to put aside my haircut phobia for the afternoon.

And Caroline did an amazing job — she didn’t even bat an eye when I showed her my shaggy six-months-without-a-trim layers.  She only took off about an inch of my hair, but how much better does it look?  We recreated these Kate Middleton-inspired waves using a larger barrel curling iron and a tiny bit of backcombing on the crown of my head — I want to find a way to add that detail to my Kate Middleton hair tutorial!

She also gave me some amazing summer styling tips — it’s so important to remember that your hair needs extra TLC when the weather gets warm!  First of all, don’t forget to protect your hair from the sun (now that my hair is colored, I’m always really careful about this)!  Shampoo and conditioner like this Repair Line protect your hair against sun rays, and so do chic summer hats!  And no matter how much you protect your hair from the sun, a deep conditioning treatment once a week is a must. 

And a great way to protect your hair is with Paul Labrecque’s Repair Line!  One lucky winner will get all four products, the shampoo, conditioner, hydrating hair lotion, and grooming control cream (valued at $115)!  To enter, leave a comment below telling me your favorite summer hairstyle!

US shipping only.  I’ll pick a random winner next week!

PS — Sorry I look so crazy-eyed in these photos!  It was 105 degrees that day and I decided to walk 20 blocks to the salon because, well, I’m a giant idiot.  Needless to say, any makeup I’d put on that morning was likely gone by the time we took these photos.

Update: The winner is comment 25, Lynda!  Congratulations!

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tutorial: curled side ponytail

July 28th, 2011 · 13 Comments

I had actually planned to upload a different video today, but I had some technical difficulties last night and couldn’t get it working (ugh)!  But in retrospect, this video makes more sense, given the giveaway I have coming up for you guys tomorrow…

This was my attempt to recreate the hair that the amazing stylist from Paul Labrecque did for me for the Kaboodle fashion show in June — I totally adored the way they styled it, and sure enough, a weekend later I had to figure out how to do it myself. 

Caroline, who did my hair that day, actually gave me some terrific tips — when you curl every piece of hair in the same direction, the curls are going to want to join together into one big curl.  Inconvenient if you’re going for natural beach waves, but perfect for a style like this! 

Beyond that little trick, all you have to do is tease the curls a little bit for some volume, load up on the hair spray, and give yourself a little body at the roots!  Super easy, and totally doable at home.

This style is seriously perfect for a summer wedding, so let me know if you try it!

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