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spotlight on: julie’s baby girl nursery

March 19th, 2015 · 1 Comment

Julie 8.Final

When my friend Julie posted a snapshot of her nursery for her soon-to-be baby girl, my jaw dropped.  Four seconds later, I had recovered enough to text her and ask if I could feature it on Sugarlaws — that’s how beautifully she designed this room.

Thankfully for you guys, she agreed, and I couldn’t be happier with how the photos turned out.  I’d love to feature more of our friends and family on Sugarlaws — there are so many beautiful home, style, and mothering tips that are way beyond what I could dream up, and sometimes it feels selfish to keep them to myself! 

Take Julie: she was a buyer at Christian Dior before moving to Houston (I know.  Seriously.) and now she runs her own boutique in West U.  (For you Houstonians, she also does interior design and styling!) So it’s no surprise that she has impeccable taste. 

But this nursery? 

Beyond impeccable. 

As you guys know, my fashion and home decor style is all about the bold, bright colors, but what I love most about Julie’s nursery is that she went the opposite route: peaceful, delicate neutrals.  What a gorgeous, serene room for her baby girl to grow up in!


Julie 21.Final


Julie 9.Final

From Julie:

Since opening Julie Rhodes Fashion & Home in October 2013, I’ve been busy with my interior design clients and the day to day running of the store and have had less time to spend on my own home.  It was so fun to work on this space and to be my own client, so to speak.

I wanted to invest in pieces that my baby could grow into and that would be timeless. When I found the the inlay dresser, I fell in love and ended up designed the rest of the room around it.  I had the antique chandelier in one of our guest rooms and chose to move it to the nursery to dress the room up a bit.  I didn’t want the space to feel all white or too baby pink. Mary McDonald’s blush color was a nice compromise and allowed me to use grey and taupe colors to balance everything. 

I added the rug at the very last minute, to ground the space and give some color and texture to the floor (I also figured it would be easier to replace a rug than carpet, in the event of an explosive diaper or spit up situation!) Ultimately, I wanted this nursery to be beautiful, but also practical and to live up to every day life as my daughter grows up.

Drapes & Valance: Custom (Custom, Mary McDonald fabric)
Crib Linens: Custom (Custom, Mary McDonald fabric).
Antique Venetian Chandelier (Boxwood Interiors)
Dresser: Restoration Hardware Baby & Child Amira Inlay Dresser
Art: original Le Rire magazine covers (Custom framed). Paper Source map of Paris (Custom framed).
Book Shelf & Marble Side Table (Source: Julie Rhodes Fashion & Home)
Charles & Ray Eames Elephant: Here.
Rug: Restoration Hardware Baby & Child Tivoli Trellis Wool Flatweave Rug

Julie 3.Final


Julie 4.Final

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best of 2014!

January 2nd, 2015 · 1 Comment


What a year this one has been!

I’m charging head-on into 2015, but before I do, I wanted to take a minute to reflect on all the wonderful moments from this past year.  So, if you’re new to this blog or you missed a few posts here and there, I’ve pulled together some of my favorites from the last 12 months. 



This marked the birth of our son, which turned my life upside down in the happiest, most wonderful (and yet totally overwhelming) way possible.  I think my favorite post of the year was on my decision to give up the idea of being a “perfect” parent and to focus on enjoying time with our son.  This is something I still struggle with nearly every day, but realizing it has made our lives so much happier and better.  If you’re going to read one post I wrote in 2014, head over there.

In other news…

I briefly turned into Godzilla at the sound of our baby crying… and wound up breaking our freezer.

The best advice I received as a new parent: Just Wait A Week.

Our baby broke a $500 jar of Vaseline.  Oops. 

I shared Baby Bear’s birth story, the most incredible night of my life.  And I surprised myself by dreading those newborn weeks so much, and then finding out that I actually liked them

We had an epic meltdown in the grocery store

I wrote letters to our son at one, two, three, four and five months… and then somehow completely forgot to keep going.  Baby Brain, people.  It’s a real thing.  I’m hoping to revive these in 2015!  (And, if you want to get all technical about it, I technically wrote two letters to him at one month old… with no recollection of the first when I wrote the second.  I blame the two combined hours of sleep I was getting per night at that point.)

I wrote about our decision to vaccinate, and why it shouldn’t be a decision at all.  Please inform yourselves about the facts on this incredibly important issue, for the safety of your child and others. 

I wrote about our struggles with breastfeeding and the solution that worked for us, as well as two posts on nursing mom style tips (here and here).  I wrote about the products you actually need as a new mom (hint: it’s not a wardrobe of pint-size newborn clothes)!

I wrote about why parental leave isn’t just a women’s issue — engaged dads make for happier families, and paternity leave is important too.

And finally, I wrote about life as a working mom, and the challenges I’m juggling with balancing my career and our family. 



Baby bump posts took up the first four months of the year!  I had so much fun styling my growing belly!  At the time, I felt huge and totally self-conscious, but now I look at those pictures with so much joy.  This pink ASOS dress and this LOFT top were my favorites of the whole pregnancy.  And this festival-inspired dress at sunset continues to be one of my favorite photos of the year. 

I wore head-to-toe leopard print at eight months pregnant.  And full-on sequins.  Because, hey, why not?

Post-partum dressing was a big challenge, but I did my best!  A great tropical-themed outfit here, and our puppy Rambo had a cameo over here.  I did a number of fun collaborations, and this dressbarn style was a big favorite, as was this White House Black Market summer style.  I waited nine months to wear this Mara Hoffman dress, which is basically the most perfect thing ever. 

I styled an outfit for our imaginary life in California, the one we almost lived.  And I shared my top five tips for dressing stylishly while pregnant

And last but not least, I was featured in the July issue of Glamour magazine!  Thanks again to my wonderful readers for pointing this out to me — without you guys, I never would have known!



Our crockpot was the workhorse of 2014 — life with a baby inevitably makes the slow cooker into your most valued possession.  They’re great for creating healthy, easy, low-stress meals that won’t burn when you leave the kitchen eleven million times while preparing dinner.  I loved our Southwestern Chicken Stew and BBQ Chicken for easy weeknight staples. 

I also focused more on breakfasts than ever before, and made egg dishes with quinoa and avocado toasts that were delicious and super healthy, and blueberry sour cream pound cake that wasn’t so healthy but was really delicious. 

And finally, you guys know me.  There were some dessert creations this year, obviously.  Three-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies that were surprisingly awesome, as were my No-Bake Peanut Butter Bars

And finally, a two-ingredient cocktail that can’t be beat: Kahlua and Chocolate Ice Cream.  Yes.  I went there.  And it was glorious. 

(Caramel Sandwich Cookies weren’t the worst thing in the world, either.)



I shared our “ttc” (internet slang for “trying to conceive”) story, and ups and downs of finding out that I needed surgery almost immediately after we started trying to have a baby.  For silly superstitious reasons, I didn’t feel comfortable posting this until after our son had safely arrived, but so many families struggle with infertility, I think it’s important that we share these stories openly and honestly.  So I did. 

My biggest, most epic pregnancy meltdown: The story of the ceiling fan.  (Or: Why Pinterest and Pregnancy Hormones Don’t Mix.)

I wrote about my nervousness with all the ways that our life was about to change, the same way I felt about leaving New York when we moved to Texas

I tried to remember to enjoy being pregnant, and not just focusing on when the baby would finally get here.  (It’s tough, at the end, let me tell you.)

I confronted the terrifying reality that new parents have no idea what they’re doing.  And that I’d probably do just fine anyways

I ate an entire chocolate cake by myself

And on that note, I wrote about pregnancy weight gain.  I spent way too much time freaking out at the numbers on the scale at the beginning of my pregnancy, when I gained way over the “recommended” amount… which was, ultimately, exactly what my body and our son needed. 

And finally, despite the many, many posts about pregnancy, I wrote about the fact that there are so many wonderful ways to create a family.  Sure, pregnancy is one, but what binds a family together isn’t genetics: it’s love. 



In October, we left the baby behind for a pretty amazing trip to Mexico.  I slept for, like, fourteen hours a day.  And it was basically the best week of my life. 

I made over our breakfast nook and created the most gorgeous nursery in turquoise and whiteMy IKEA dresser hack went viral on Pinterest, and well deservedly so.  At under $400 for all the supplies, it simply can’t be beat. 

Chad and I had our five year anniversary, and I shared our very unprofessional (but totally wonderful) wedding video here.

And in September, we lost our beloved dog Calvin, who I still miss every day.

I shared some meditation tips for beginners — one of the biggest changes in 2014 was that I started meditating on a regular basis, and it has improved my outlook so dramatically.  If you haven’t given it a try, I definitely recommend it! 

I wrote about our new puppy Rambo, who eats poop.  We like him anyway. 

I had an incredible baby shower, and was so grateful to celebrate with our wonderful friends and family. 

I cancelled my trip to New York for Fashion Week because I was pregnant, and then promptly reconsidered.  I ended up going at seven months pregnant and had a total blast — my video diary was posted here

And I capped off the year by finally telling you guys about my disastrous Christmas dinner in 2013.  Oops!

What a year!  Just writing this has put a huge smile on my face.  It’s been a crazy, wild ride and a joy every single day.  Can’t wait to share 2015 with you guys, too. 

Photo Dec 04, 6 35 55 PM

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breakfast nook makeover

August 20th, 2014 · 3 Comments


I’ve written before about how when we bought our house, we had put all of our savings in to the down payment and building the pool, which meant that we had basically no budget to decorate it.  So instead of spending a ton of money on furniture or decor items, we made do with what we could find.  We bought a lot online, we kept a bunch of pieces from the prior owner, and we tried our best not to stress if something wasn’t 100% perfect. 

But, two years later, I started to realize that some of the stuff I wasn’t crazy about — the stuff that was fine for six months or a year after we moved in — was still hanging around.

Take, for instance, our “breakfast nook.”

Here’s what it looked like before:

Kitchen Before

Big difference, no?  It was pretty awful.  That brown table belonged to the prior owners of our house — it more or less matched their decor, but it was really not my style. 

Actually, that’s too nice.  I hated it.

But it was there, and it functioned as a table, so for two years, I just kept it. 

However, a few weeks ago, Lulu and Georgia offered me some pieces from their beautiful website — and I figured this was a great opportunity to update our little nook.  I picked up a white table from Ikea and matched it to their Xandra chair.  I wanted a light, bold, breezy look for this little corner, and the clear lucite chairs were exactly right. 

I’d like to think that our home style could be described as “bold-bright” meets “rock and roll,” and this room captures the essence of that.  And it only took me two years to get here!

Ever since designing our nursery, I’ve been bitten by the home decor bug.  Look for more posts like this in the future as I tackle our house, one room at a time!

Check out the chairs on Lulu and Georgia here, as well as the picture frame and throw pillows here and here!



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nursery before & after

June 18th, 2014 · 3 Comments


Remember how I told you that Baby Bear’s nursery was originally our junk room?

I finally dug up my before pictures, and now I can officially prove it.

Do you see that beautiful photo above?  The one that looks like it should be in a magazine? 

Here’s what it looked like a year ago:

photo 1(18)

As before and afters go, this one is seriously dramatic!  His room was such a complete disaster that I’m sort of embarrassed to even show you guys the photos — but on the other hand, I’m extra proud of his nursery given the way the room looked beforehand. 

And like I said, I’ve been bitten by the decorating bug!  There are a bunch of spots in our house that I never quite had the time/budget to decorate enough, and I’m hoping to show you guys a few examples of how I finally made them work! 

But for now, let’s just sit back a moment and appreciate how this disaster of a junk room became a beautiful bedroom for our baby boy.  It took a lot of work, but I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

Read more about our nursery here, and check out my DIY for the IKEA Henmes dresser here!




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Our Baby Boy Nursery!

May 2nd, 2014 · 11 Comments


We finished our nursery a few weeks ago, but I wanted to save the big reveal until after our son had arrived!  He’ll be sleeping in our bedroom for at least the first few weeks, but I am so excited at how beautiful his room turned out.

As I’ve written about before, when we bought our house, furniture was a bit of an afterthought — we were moving from a small apartment into a big house, and our first six months as homeowners were focused on saving up to put in the pool (not an easy task when you just put a down payment on your first house!).  So I had a very limited budget for furniture and decor — I tried to use what we already had, and added accents where we needed them.

But for the baby’s room, it was a different story.  It started as a complete blank slate — at one point, the room was supposed to be an office for me (the “Sugarlaws” room), but I was working full time and never ended up using it.  So it became… a junk room.

And if you think I’m exaggerating, I’m not.  I’ll try to dig up some “Before” photos so you can see the transformation for yourselves, but I’ll tell you, flat out, this room was in bad shape. 

Garbage bag full of clothes we don’t wear? Throw it in the Sugarlaws room.  Random furniture that doesn’t work anywhere else? Sugarlaws room!  Bulky photography equipment? No need to clean it up, we can just close the door!  No one goes in there anyways, so who cares?

Yup… not exactly a beautiful, serene baby’s room. 

So when I found out I was pregnant, the first thing I did was to throw away or donate every single item in that room that wasn’t necessary.  The rest, I organized carefully into the closet, so that the room itself was completely empty.

Blank slate.

And then I started to have fun. 

I had two Pinterest photos as inspiration for this room (here and here), but I knew from the first moment that I wanted the color scheme to be turquoise.  After searching through tons of bedding (and even flirting with the idea of custom-made), I settled on the Harper pattern from Pottery Barn, and then built the rest of the decor around its aqua tone. 

And then I did a crucial thing: on Black Friday, I took advantage of every sale I could find, and ordered everything in one huge shopping day.  I ordered the rug, the crib, the bedding, and the glider all in the space of maybe 3 hours, taking advantage of the best deals I could find.  Then, I filled in the details with some personal touches: my sister gave me a beautiful lamp from Restoration Hardware, Chad’s old Care Bears and Popples, and too many more to name (including so many wonderful registry presents from our friends and family, which I am so grateful for!). 

All in all, I’m in love with this little room, and it’s given me a bit of the decorating bug for the rest of our house.  There’s something so exciting about having an idea and bringing it to life — especially when you know that you’re doing it for someone you care so much about!  As much as I adore this room now, I know I’ll love it even more it belongs to our baby boy.

And yes, if you’re curious: you can’t see it in the pictures, but the room definitely still has the drama-laden ceiling fan

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Serenity
Crib: Serena & Lily Liberty Crib
Bedding: Pottery Barn Kids Harper Nursery Bedding Collection
Throw Blanket: Target
Rug: Rugs USA Moroccan Diamond Shag Grey Rug (they have amazing sales — I got this for 70% off!)
Dresser: IKEA Henmes (check out my DIY on how the dresser was customized)
Glider: Little Castle Cottage Glider from Wayfair
Monogrammed Pillow: Pottery Barn Kids Harper Nursery Collection
Side Table: Ikea Henmes (we swapped out the knobs to match the dresser)
Baby Monitor: Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor
Rocking Horse: Restoration Hardware Baby & Child
Curtains: Pottery Barn Kids Harper Blackout Panel in Aqua
Wall Art: Oopsy Daisy Giraffe and Elephant prints (over dresser), Restoration Hardware watercolor animal prints (over crib), Pottery Barn Kids Ombre “You Are My Sunshine” Print (over changing table)
Mobile: Pottery Barn Kids Elephant Crib Mobile
Changing Table: DaVinci Jenny Lind Changing Table
Wicker Baskets: Pottery Barn Kids Sabrina Baskets
Mirror: IKEA Henmes
Diaper Pail: Ubbi Diaper Pail in Robin’s Egg Blue

I think I’ve included everything, but if there’s anything I’ve missed, let me know! 









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