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happy father’s day!

June 15th, 2014 · No Comments


Today is Chad’s first Father’s Day. 

He’s not one for holiday attention — most years, I have to nag him to open his birthday presents, sometimes weeks after the actual day has come and gone.  He’s never once, in ten years together, asked me for a party or to make a big deal over anything centered around him.  (I’ve thrown him a few anyways, because, come on, this girl likes to throw a party.)

But on this holiday, I’ve got to say a little something, even if it embarrasses him. 

Seven weeks ago, we met our baby boy.  And in the weeks since that moment, our lives have basically turned upside down — with too many decisions and worries and amazing, joyful moments to count. 

Before that moment, our ideas of motherhood and fatherhood were purely hypothetical — “here’s what we’ll do when we have kids, someday.”  But in the last seven weeks, something changed — we actually know our son.  Our ideas of what we’ll be as parents aren’t just ideas, some of them are actually happening right now.  Sure, we don’t know him as well as we will in a year, or in ten years, but this little person — with all his likes and dislikes and needs and wants — is starting to become himself. 

And, somewhere along the line, Chad and I became parents. 

In these last few weeks, I have gotten so much joy from watching Chad with the baby — whether he’s rocking Bear to sleep, doing voices for his storybooks, or just snuggling with him at the end of the day.  They haven’t been the easiest weeks — but they are weeks that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.  Our first moments of parenthood, our first days with our newborn son — they’re etched into my memory forever. 

So on his first Father’s Day, I am so very grateful to be sharing this journey with my wonderful husband.  I know he will be (and already is) the most wonderful father to our baby boy, and I am so, so very excited to see their relationship grow. 

Happy Father’s Day to Chad, and all the wonderful fathers in our lives!


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expectations and realities

June 4th, 2014 · 9 Comments


I have to tell you a little story about that jar of Vaseline.

It arrived a few weeks before Bear was born, from their lovely PR team.  I looked at it and thought, cool, a bedazzled Vaseline jar — just what his nursery needs!  (Proof on Instagram here!)

Then I looked online, just out of curiosity.  How much might a bedazzled jar of Vaseline cost?

The answer?

Five hundred dollars.  (Seriously.)

Basically, Bear had just been given Kim Kardashian’s Vaseline jar.  It’s a treasure.  That jar of Vaseline is literally more expensive than any single item in his nursery.  Forget the designer bedding, the crib, the rug, the Tiffany piggy bank.  The most valuable item our son owns is now a jar of Vaseline.

No problem, right?  How hard can it be to take care of a jar of Vaseline? 

Ha ha.  That was my pre-newborn self talking.

Because… you want to know what happened to that five hundred dollar jar of Vaseline in the first week that he was home from the hospital?



Yup, because, see, Bear hates having his diaper changed.  He hates it so much that, periodically, I pause mid-diaper change to remind him, “I am not actually murdering you, dude.  Please calm down.” 

He hates it so much that he basically loses control of his limbs, sending everything near him crashing to the ground.

Including, sadly, his most valuable possession.

So, that top photo?  That was my expectation of what a newborn would be like: all sweet little toes and chubby legs. 

The next one?  That’s the newborn that I wasn’t quite expecting, the one that cries over nothing and pukes directly into my hair seven times a day.  (The one that peed on me twice yesterday, sigh.)

The last five weeks have been a crazy, wild ride, and there are literally thousands of things that I wasn’t expecting that have totally blown me away.  No matter how prepared I was (and I was!), the reality of having a real, live baby in our house is completely different from my expectation of it.  Sometimes it’s wonderful and sometimes, many times, it’s truly a challenge. 

But before he arrived, I had no idea the depth of the love that I would feel for him, how strongly I felt it at first and how much stronger it grows every day.  And I would take the reality of our crying, flailing baby (even puking in my hair) over all the perfect imaginary babies out there. 

And who knows?  Maybe in a few weeks, that jar of Vaseline will go on sale and we can replace it.

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first night out

May 29th, 2014 · 5 Comments


On Sunday night, Chad and I had our first post-baby date night.

People told me to go out and do fun things before the baby arrived, and after a while, I started to resent that advice a little bit — there was so much pressure to do all our fun stuff now, since we’d fall off the face of the earth once the baby was here.  Only I didn’t really want to do a ton of stuff at 8- or 9-months pregnant — I couldn’t fit into any of my clothes, I couldn’t order a glass of wine, I couldn’t eat an entire meal without preceding it with a Zantac appetizer (yum, or… not). 

So now that I’m no longer pregnant, I’ve been waiting for an excuse to go out for a fun dinner for the last few weeks!  And last weekend, when Chad’s parents offered to babysit, I jumped at the chance. 

Sure, we were 45 minutes late for our reservation, because Bear decided that he wanted me to feed/rock him for an hour and a half before we left.  (Oh well.) Sure, we got to the restaurant five minutes before the kitchen closed, and speed-ordered our meals. 

Sure, we checked the baby monitor three times during dinner.  (Can you blame us?)

But, you know what?  I got dressed up.  I wore heels.  I had a glass of wine.  I had a conversation with my husband without focusing 95% of my mental energy on the baby. 

It’s funny to call it a “date,” because a few weeks ago, this was just What We Do On Weekend Nights.  This wasn’t a fancy, special-occasion restaurant, it’s a neighborhood place that we go to a few times a month.  But given that our life right now is pretty much unrecognizable from what it was a month ago… it actually felt pretty special.

All in all, a very good night.

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