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nyfw: this season

September 5th, 2014 · 3 Comments


So, New York Fashion Week started yesterday.

And where am I?

Not there.

Yup.  I’m skipping this September.

I’ve attended eight straight seasons over the past four years, and it’s become a big part of my life — the planning, the anticipating, and then attending (and recovering from…) the shows each season.

But this season?  I’m staying home.

On one hand, I’m bummed.  I love Fashion Week and I miss being there so much.

On the other hand… I’ve had to face the fact that my life is a little (a lot) different right now than it was a year ago, and this season, the idea of packing up a four-month-old and heading to New York just seemed…


Truthfully, that’s the best word for it — the idea that I would attend NYFW this season was one of those decisions that I made when I was pregnant and thinking about the idea of a baby, and not the actual, living, breathing, crying, screaming, non-sleeping, messy little real baby who showed up a few months later.  I imagined myself strolling up to the tents in heels, a sweet little newborn cradled in my arms.

(Yes, you read that right: In my imagination, not only was he coming to New York with me, but he was actually attending fashion shows in my arms.  Oh my god, you guys.)

Basically, I thought that I was Victoria Beckham.

And it turns out that no, without a staff of nannies and drivers and someone to hold your bag and phone and burp cloths… heading to Lincoln Center with a four-month-old is sort of out of the question.

I had still planned to go until a few weeks ago, when I was sitting in Bear’s room, putting him to bed, and I realized that the reality probably wouldn’t look the way that I imagined it.

Instead, I realized that I was most likely going to miss half my shows because the baby would (1) spit up on every outfit I’d  packed, (2) insist on breastfeeding until twenty minutes after each show was scheduled to start, or (3) GET SICK because full-grown adults with healthy immune systems get sick during Fashion Week every year (myself included, without fail)!

And with that, I came to the realization that, just for this season, I was better off staying home.

Fashion Week will be there for me next season.  But right now?

We are better off staying home.

I’m planning to be back in February, and truthfully, I like February Fashion Week best of all — it’s a little smaller and less of a “scene,” a little less competitive and a little more fun.  I’ll miss the shows, and I’ll miss seeing all of my my many friends, but there is no question that this was the right choice for us, right now.

So I’ll be livestreaming the shows this year, and poring over Instagram as the models make their ways down the runways.  Because that breathless anticipation, that moment as the lights go dim, just before the music starts?

You can feel that no matter where you’re watching from.

Even three thousand miles away.


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NYFW February 2014 Video Diary!

February 18th, 2014 · 4 Comments


Every season, I go to Fashion Week and come home with a thousand photos of the clothes I saw on the runways, and then I spend hours painstakingly editing and posting them…

Except, often I get the feeling that those posts kind of miss the point.

Because, sure, the runways are part of Fashion Week, but they’re just one part.  There’s so much more to the experience that I’ve had trouble sharing in the past.

So this season, I did something a little different.  I took my iPhone, and instead of taking photos… I took video. 

I did this partly for Sugarlaws, but also partly for me — it’s an incredible memento of what this amazing experience was like, and every time I watch it, I can’t help but smile.  I’ve been to a lot of seasons of New York Fashion Week, and in many ways, this one was my absolute favorite.  And now that it’s over, I’m so grateful to have captured all these little moments along the way.

So hopefully you’ll enjoy this as much as I do.  Till September, everyone!

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January 30th, 2014 · 5 Comments

{last February}

As many of you guys know, I’ve spent the last few weeks debating long and hard over whether or not it made sense for me to go to New York Fashion Week at seven months pregnant.

Which sounds, insane, right? Like, seriously? In the middle of the worst winter we’ve had in decades, I’m going to fly for three hours to go to a city that’s filled with snow, when I could just chill out in Houston and look at the photos on Style.com?

I’m going to put myself through the torture of watching skinny 14-year-old models when I’m carrying a permanent bowling ball around my waist?

I’m going to try to dress for FASHION WEEK in MATERNITY CLOTHES?

So, I thought long and hard about it, and I decided that no, I wouldn’t go. I’ll just sit out this season. I’ve been to the last eight consecutive seasons, but this one I’ll just… miss. In my head, I settled it.

Only… I didn’t cancel my hotel reservation. And as the show invites came in, I couldn’t quite bear to decline them. So the invites kept piling up, and eventually the reminders started piling up, and it all came down to this morning, when I had to make a decision.

Go. Or don’t go.

So I started declining the invitations, and emailing my various contacts to say that I’m sitting this season out.

And you know what?

It felt awful. I was sitting there fighting back tears and wishing I could go, awful.

And I was so sad and disappointed about my decision to not go, that I started to think, “if it feels this bad, why do I think this is the right decision?”

Because, you know what? I love Fashion Week. It’s exhausting and overwhelming and totally insane, but it’s one of my favorite weeks of the year.

And missing it just feels… wrong.

So I changed my mind. My hotel is already booked, and I grabbed a quick plane ticket on miles, and now, suddenly, I’m going to February Fashion Week! Yes, at seven months pregnant. Yes, in the snow and freezing cold. Yes, maybe it’s crazy, and maybe I’ll regret it, but right now… it feels like the right decision. I’m going to keep a very light schedule, so I don’t get totally overwhelmed, and concentrate mostly on shows at Lincoln Center instead of running all over the city. I’m only going for a few days. I’ll drink lots of water and wear a jacket and do all those sensible things to make sure me and the baby are safe and sound.

But… I’m going.

And I am So. Damn. Excited.

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nyfw: shows, day three

February 20th, 2013 · 6 Comments

photo 2

On Friday of NYFW, all anyone could talk about were predictions that all the shows might be cancelled because of Nemo! Everyone seemed to think that this fashion week was a lost cause, but I kept hoping that everything would keep going no matter what (let’s be serious, as great as my hotel was, it doesn’t really compare to a day of fashion shows).

But despite the crazy snowy downpour, everything on Saturday went forward after all! It takes more than a snowstorm to stop the New York fashion crowd, and Saturday proved to be such an amazing day of shows! From the incredible detailing and fierce-chic models at Herve Leger, to the always-stunning prints at Mara Hoffman, to the incredible couture pieces at Rafael Cennamo and Alexandre Herchcovitch, it was one of the most special day of shows I’ve ever seen.

And on an also-exciting side note, I was so excited to find out yesterday that Chad and I are now an aunt and uncle! His brother is a proud dad to a newborn baby boy — so I had to give a big congratulations! So excited to buy them all the cute baby clothes I can get my hands on!

{above: stunning detail in the dress and leggings at Herve Leger}

photo 3

{gorgeous tulle gown at Son Jung Wan}

photo 4

{prints and hair jewelry at mara hoffman}

photo 1

{maybe the most beautiful coat i’ve seen for fall at Son Jung Wan}

photo 5

{blindfolded models made an extra dramatic statement at Alexandre Herchcovitch}

photo 1

{the perfect furry hood at Herve Leger for a snowy winter, or just a ski trip!}

photo 3

{insanely creative detailing on Rafael Cennamo couture gowns}


{and the full head-to-toe of the Rafael Cennamo dress}

photo 4

{intensely beautiful proportions at Alexandre Herchcovitch}

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NYFW: shows, day two

February 17th, 2013 · 2 Comments


Looking at these photos, you wouldn’t even know that there was a snowstorm on day two! It says a lot about all the time and energy and preparation that shows this beautiful could take place on a day where every flight going into or out of New York was cancelled, subways were shut down, and even the roof of the tents was leaking in places.

But nevertheless, the shows went on! And they were so completely gorgeous — the standout for me was this amazing gown (above) at Noon By Noor, which completely blew me away, but there were so many beautiful, wearable pieces that came down the runways. A few of my favorites are below!


{red leather elbow-length gloves were an amazing detail at CZAR}


{perfect pockets on a ballgown at Carmen Marc Valvo}


{retro-inspired suiting at Noon By Noor}


{an easy, wearable shift at Rebecca Minkoff}


{…but the real standouts were these amazing coats}


{oversized knits were the perfect antidote to snowy weather}


{and I ended the day with a peek backstage at PARKCHOONMOO}

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