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NYFW: shows, day one

February 15th, 2013 · 3 Comments


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably got a little bit of a sense of how I spent my days at Fashion Week, but the fact is, I lugged my good camera to New York for a reason, and I want to show you guys some real shots of the amazing shows that I saw!  So please bear with me as I spend a couple of days showing you guys the beautiful clothes we’ll all be wearing in about nine months. 🙂

My first show of Fashion Week was Kimberly Ovitz, and OMG, what a way to begin!  First of all, I was coming from a meeting so I was about 20 minutes early (that’s five hours early in Fashion Week time), so I took my seat and concentrated on thawing my hands (it didn’t work, my teeth were still chattering by the time the show started).  I was trying to distract myself so I wouldn’t drain the battery on my phone, so I started people watching… and who walks in the side door but Anna Wintour?!  I didn’t think it was her at first but I had the girl next to me confirm — not a bad way to kick off the week!  I didn’t get a good picture of her because I didn’t want to be that girl, but trust me, she was there.

And the clothes!  I loved the downtown aesthetic of the show, and the way that the effortless layering of blacks and neutrals.  Leather is still huge this season, and it was fun to see it incorporated into vests and lighter pieces that we can actually pull out in the south. 


Then it was off to Lincoln Center for one of my favorite shows every season, Tadashi Shoji!  I love these dresses so much — the amount of detail and care that’s put into each one is just stunning.  I fell in love with dress after dress, but my absolute favorite was the white feathery 20’s-inspired shift at the top of this post.  I can’t wait to get that baby in my closet!  The little bows down the back were the most amazing detail.  A few of my other favorites are below!



Next it was off to Candela, which was also a top show for me last season!  I loved the low key, boho pieces that still managed to be completely glamorous — and this season was no exception.  One of the coolest details was the back of this beautiful beaded dress reflected in a mirror so you could see it from all angles.  Stunning!



So after getting a little taste of fall fashion, I took a break from the tents and headed over to my amazing agents for a blow-your-socks-off amazing gifting lounge.  I basically have to throw out everything in my closet to make room for the amazing pieces I picked up — too many favorites to count, but I’m especially excited about the Brahmin purse I’ve carried every day since getting home, and the Herve Leger sandals and BCBG shades that are just screaming to be brought to Miami with me in a few weeks!  I couldn’t resist tweeting a photo from my hotel room that night:


After that was done, it was time for a little more dress-up!  I stopped by the office at Bollare, where my friend Dara let me try on some beautiful Oscar De La Renta and Valentino pieces from Marissa Collections!  No one does mint like Oscar and Valentino — it was totally worth braving the cold to get a few shots!  (The necklace is from VSA — you’ll see it in more posts soon!)



Then back up to the tents to quickly take in collections from Concept Korea (maybe it’s partly because Chad is a massive video gamer, but Korea is on the top of my to-travel list, and I love seeing what their incredibly talented designers are up to every season) and a little menswear from Timo Weiland.  A few snaps below!



And I’m a little embarrassed about what happened at this point.  So, I’d been on my feet since about 8:30 a.m., and I was pretty wiped.  And I had this new pair of amazingly soft, incredibly comfy Eberjey pajamas.  And it was really cold outside. 

So… I decided to skip the parties that night and curled up in bed.  Perfect end to day one of fashion week. 🙂


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NYFW: what i wore, day five

February 14th, 2013 · 2 Comments


Ok, so, here’s the deal.  I got all ready to go to over to Lincoln Center, did my hair, timed it perfectly… and then walked out of my hotel and realized it was pouring rain.

So if I look a little wet/flustered/disheveled in these photos, it’s because I was expecting a brisk, temperate, sunny day, and got frizz-inducing rain instead.  Seriously, this is what my hair looked like when I left my hotel:

And the Lincoln Center photos were taken literally six minutes later.  UGH!  Somehow I had mentally prepared for snow and slush, but not for rain!  I wound up having to borrow an umbrella from my hotel and then worry the entire day that I was going to lose it.

In any event, this outfit was a little bit of a hodgepodge of what was left over in my suitcase — I felt like I packed really solidly for the first four days and then had three B-list outfits left over, and this was the best of them.  Still, though, I couldn’t have brought a single other thing — I had three suitcases going home as it was, and one of them clocked in at 49.5 pounds!  Just barely saved myself from blowing past the weight limit by picking up this cute carry-on from C. Wonder (when, oh when, will they finally come to Houston?!)  In hot pink, obviously. 🙂

Fashion week coming to an end was so bittersweet — usually I’m wiped out by the time my last day rolls around, but this year I wanted it to go on forever.  I even got a little teary on my way to the airport — but there’s always September to look forward to!

Photos by Jorge Aguilera.  On me: Alice and Olivia dress (found at T.J. Maxx), Celine bag (also, totally coincidentally, found at T.J. Maxx!), Zara jacket, Theyskens Theory wedges, Alexis Bittar bracelet.





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NYFW: what i wore, day four

February 12th, 2013 · 9 Comments


Ok, I’ll go ahead and say it: This has been the best Fashion Week I’ve ever had.

I don’t say that lightly — each season is amazing, and every time I go, I have some new experience that makes me feel so incredibly lucky and grateful. But even with that backdrop, this season blew my mind. I had so much fun getting to see old friends and meet new ones (it’s funny how I feel so close to people even though our primary form of communication is Twitter, Facebook and our blogs), and see so many beautiful, jaw-dropping clothes. I’m going to start putting together my daily recaps tonight, but I am so freaking excited for all these clothes to hit stores next fall. I’m going to start saving now. 🙂

I loved this hat so much the first time that I wore it, I couldn’t resist putting it on again. I love that it’s a little goofy and makes the whole outfit a little more playful — what’s the point of getting dressed up if you don’t have fun with it?

Hope you guys all had a great weekend and stayed out of the slush and snow!

Photos by Jorge Aguilera.

On me: 7 For All Mankind jeans, Trouve leather jacket, Celine bag, By Boe necklaces (available here and here), Jimmy Choo Abel pumps.










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NYFW: what i wore, day three

February 10th, 2013 · 7 Comments


Four six seasons now, Jorge Aguilera has taken my fashion week photos.  He is the absolute best — except when he catches me with my tongue sticking out, which apparently happens 90 percent of the time if I don’t pay attention to it (oops).  I used to ask him to take a few shots with my camera, until I realized that no matter what I did, his were always better. 

So thank you, Jorge, for being so freaking awesome and sending me these great pics.

You guys, this may have been the best fashion week I’ve ever had, and I still have two days to go!  Fingers crossed that everything stays this wonderful — even if it feels greedy to wish for. I have had such a blast, it’s been such an amazing season, and I am so incredibly honored and excited to attend.  You think that goes away after year one?  Not even a bit.

I hope you guys have been following me in Instagram (@sugarlaws) or on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with everything in real time!  I’ll be back up and running with normal posts by Tuesday!

Photos by Jorge Aguilerez.  On me: 7 For All Mankind sweater, Zara skirt, Chanel bag, Hermes bracelet.  Hat from Claire’s at the Galleria — it was $5, I couldn’t resist, and I love it!






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NYFW: what i wore, day one

February 8th, 2013 · 10 Comments


You guys, in all the worrying I did about what to wear to fashion week, and the weather, and the travel, and all the other tiny things that have made my stomach flutter with nerves for the past weeks, I managed to forget one crucial detail… New York Fashion Week is just magical.

The energy, the beautiful, beautiful clothes, the stunning models and their styling, and the feeling that the whole fashion industry converges in one place to show the best it can do. It’s overwhelming, for sure, but that’s because it’s one incredible moment after another.

I sat ten feet away from Anna Wintour today. Hope she liked my earmuffs. 🙂

Photos by Jorge Aguilera.

On Me: DVF top, Trouve leather jacket, Sabo Skirt shorts, Jimmy Choo Abel pumps (and a spare pair of Tieks!), C. Wonder bracelet, Boostcase iPhone case.








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