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January 30th, 2014 · 5 Comments

{last February}

As many of you guys know, I’ve spent the last few weeks debating long and hard over whether or not it made sense for me to go to New York Fashion Week at seven months pregnant.

Which sounds, insane, right? Like, seriously? In the middle of the worst winter we’ve had in decades, I’m going to fly for three hours to go to a city that’s filled with snow, when I could just chill out in Houston and look at the photos on

I’m going to put myself through the torture of watching skinny 14-year-old models when I’m carrying a permanent bowling ball around my waist?

I’m going to try to dress for FASHION WEEK in MATERNITY CLOTHES?

So, I thought long and hard about it, and I decided that no, I wouldn’t go. I’ll just sit out this season. I’ve been to the last eight consecutive seasons, but this one I’ll just… miss. In my head, I settled it.

Only… I didn’t cancel my hotel reservation. And as the show invites came in, I couldn’t quite bear to decline them. So the invites kept piling up, and eventually the reminders started piling up, and it all came down to this morning, when I had to make a decision.

Go. Or don’t go.

So I started declining the invitations, and emailing my various contacts to say that I’m sitting this season out.

And you know what?

It felt awful. I was sitting there fighting back tears and wishing I could go, awful.

And I was so sad and disappointed about my decision to not go, that I started to think, “if it feels this bad, why do I think this is the right decision?”

Because, you know what? I love Fashion Week. It’s exhausting and overwhelming and totally insane, but it’s one of my favorite weeks of the year.

And missing it just feels… wrong.

So I changed my mind. My hotel is already booked, and I grabbed a quick plane ticket on miles, and now, suddenly, I’m going to February Fashion Week! Yes, at seven months pregnant. Yes, in the snow and freezing cold. Yes, maybe it’s crazy, and maybe I’ll regret it, but right now… it feels like the right decision. I’m going to keep a very light schedule, so I don’t get totally overwhelmed, and concentrate mostly on shows at Lincoln Center instead of running all over the city. I’m only going for a few days. I’ll drink lots of water and wear a jacket and do all those sensible things to make sure me and the baby are safe and sound.

But… I’m going.

And I am So. Damn. Excited.

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NYFW: What I Wore, Day Five

September 18th, 2013 · No Comments


The last of my Fashion Week outfits!  It’s amazing how these already feel like so long ago.  I’ve been making the most of my downtime this week, working hard on getting the final details for my law firm website (it’s almost done!) and finishing up the third Moving Neutral book (also almost done)!  It feels like such a luxury to have whole days to spend writing and working — and I’m thrilled for it.

So, on this outfit: this shirt is such a funny little piece, I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.  It says Coffee Croi$$ants Vodka” and one guy who walked up to me outside the tents asked me if it was a model’s diet (maybe, ugh, I hope not). 

But the confusing part of this tee?  The line that I concealed by tucking it in.  Because the last line, after cigarettes, is “Cat Food.”

Coffee, Croissants, Vodka… Cat Food.  No idea.  Not even a clue.  Anybody have any ideas? 

Aritzia skirt and tee, Gryson handbag, Jimmy Choo pumps.

Photos by Jorge Aguilera.



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NYFW: What I Wore, Day Four

September 16th, 2013 · 6 Comments

photo 2

I actually found these shorts in New York when I was in town a few weeks before NYFW, and I absolutely couldn’t resist them!  I’m so bummed to see hardly any color on the runways for next spring, because a wardrobe without color, in my mind, is like an ice cream sundae… without ice cream and sprinkles and whipped cream and cherries.  It’s an empty bowl, people.  I am bummed. 

Truth be told, that was probably one of my biggest disappointments this fashion week — all of you who are into neutrals and summer whites are going to have lots of choices in about nine months, but for those of us who are still digging bold colors (I accept in my mind that neon is “out” — but when I find a great hot pink piece, I still buy it in a heartbeat) are going to be struggling.

But who knows, maybe there’s a silver lining?  Even if the big designers decide that color is over, I’m sure there will still be plenty to be had at bargain stores.  I have a set clothing budget every month, and when times roll around that I’m not feeling what’s in stores, I usually save up those months for a bigger purchase down the line.  Spring collections without color?  Maybe I can translate that into a Celine box bag!  (Or, even better, put it towards another trip to Mexico, because it’s only been four months but I’m already dying to go back!)

Fashion is always changing, and it can be hard to stay excited in a season where you just don’t love the trends.  But there’s always a new collection around the corner, or some new designer to discover or re-discover.  And I think one of the great things about having your own personal style is that you don’t have to follow every trend — maybe I’ll just take the ones that are right for me (I could see getting psyched about a gorgeous white summer dress or two) and shop my closet for the rest!

Topshop quilted shorts (in black and white still available), SixTwenty tank, Chanel bag (cute budget-friendly alternatives here and here), Kate Spade necklace (from T.J. Maxx!), Giuseppe Zanotti heels.

Photos by Carly.

photo 3

photo 4

photo 1

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