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NYFW: What I Wore, Day Three

September 13th, 2013 · 4 Comments

photo 5

One of the absolute toughest things about September fashion week is packing for it!  Especially packing for it from Texas, where the weather is still in the nineties almost every day.  Like when you pack for a tropical vacation in the middle of winter, it’s hard to even imagine there are people wearing bathing suits somewhere on this planet when you’re bundled up in hats and scarves and coats.

And it doesn’t help that New York’s weather went a little insane this season.  While I was in town, it was dropping down into the sixties at night (triggering my constant whiny refrain, ‘you guys, I’m so cold‘ — turns out I’ve become a Texan after all!).  And then, right after I left, apparently the temperatures shot up and turned super hot!  (Kind of sad I missed that, actually!)

Buying for cooler temperatures is also a little tricky in Texas — I obviously want to be stylish at Fashion Week, but I also don’t want to buy clothes that I’ll only wear once or twice because they’re just not practical for where I live.  So this denim/leather jacket was a perfect addition — warm enough to keep me cool in September in Manhattan, and for most of the winter in Texas! 

Aritzia jacket and skirt, Six Twenty tee, Theyskens Theory wedges (similar here and here).

Photos by Carly.

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

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NYFW: Dinner with The Face!

September 10th, 2013 · 3 Comments


So, remember everything I said about this being a good fashion week?

This wasn’t a good fashion week.  This was an AMAZING fashion week.  I knew going into this dinner that it would probably be one of the highlights of my week, but the reality blew my expectations out of the water. 

For instance:


That is Nigel Barker dipping me. That actually happened last night!

This whole experience was such a blast.  The dinner was incredibly small and so much fun, and I’m amazed that I even got to be in a room with Nigel, Anne V, Lydia Hearst and… NAOMI CAMPBELL!  Yup, we found out the morning of the event that Naomi was coming too!  So basically this was going to be the coolest dinner of my life.

Naomi was totally gorgeous and it was so cool to hear about she and the team at Oxygen have worked to make Season 2 of The Face new and exciting and fresh.  I can’t wait for it to come out!  (They’re just starting filming this week, so not till early 2014!)

And to cap it all off, before the dinner, Carly and I were treated to amazing blowouts — obviously our hair had to be perfect for a photo like this! 


We had such an incredible time at dinner — the guest list was out of this world, between the stars of The Face and reps from so many amazing magazines and huge websites (including my personal fave, Amy Odell, who I was literally too nervous to say hi to)!  Carly and I got seated almost right next to Nigel, where he casually mentioned that he buy his wife ten pairs of Louboutins a year (swoon!).  Chad might need some lessons! 

It was seriously such an incredible night, and the perfect way to end an amazing Fashion Week.  Thank you SO MUCH to The Face and Oxygen for inviting me!




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NYFW: What I Wore, Day Two

September 9th, 2013 · 4 Comments


This has been a crazy fashion week, but all in all a really excellent one.  It seems like every season, something is a little different — whether it’s new friends, new designers, or just me changing a little from the person I was six months before. Now that I don’t have the start of the school year every fall, I think in some ways that September Fashion Week has started to fill that same role.  It’s funny to think about how different things were last year at this time, or two years ago, or three — it’s nice to have this week as a constant that I always come back to!

And this year, the week isn’t over yet!  I was planning to fly back to Texas today, but I got an amazing invitation and decided to stay another night!  So tomorrow, I’m heading to a dinner for the second season of The Face, an amazing modeling reality show on Oxygen (I’m sure it’s already a guilty pleasure for some of you guys)!  Season Two is coming in early 2014, only on Oxygen Network, and I’m bananas excited for it!

It’s going to be a small, thirty person dinner with me, Nigel Barker (!!!), Lydia Hearst and Anne V, the new model mentors on the show!  I’m insanely excited — I’ve met Nigel once before during fashion week, and I got so starstruck I could barely talk!  (He is seriously even cuter than he looks on tv!) This is going to be such a blast, and I’m so excited to end this fashion week with such an insanely cool experience.  I already know it will be a huge highlight of the whole week!

So later today, Carly and I will be heading out for some pre-dinner primping (blowouts at Dry Bar!) and then to dinner!  I’ll be taking tons of pictures and can’t wait to share them with you guys!  (Eek!  I’m already nervous!)

First photo be Joe Amodei, others by Carly Cristman.



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