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nyfw snaps, round two

September 28th, 2012 · No Comments

Another round of NYFW photos!

So, there was a single day during New York Fashion Week where all of the following happened:

1) After waking up, I was just about to wash my face and put on makeup… when my engagement ring slipped off my finger and down the hotel sink drain. Yes, that happened. I was incredibly lucky and realized it immediately (and shut the water off) and the hotel was able to dis-assemble my entire sink to find my ring in the drain — which, obviously, didn’t stop me from bursting into hysterical tears for most of the morning, what a nightmare!

2) I dropped my camera down a FLIGHT of subways steps, and only realized that the lens was broken once I sat down in my seat for the show I was about to attend! I had 90 minutes between the end of that show and the beginning of the next one, and in that time, I had to run to one of my NYC camera supply shops and buy a new lens, just to be able to cover the rest of the week! So insane.

3) This is such a minor one in comparison, but I took a 25-minute cab ride to this event and when I got there, I realized I’d been sent the wrong address.

Basically, the universe was stacked against me that day — and finally I just gave in, ordered sushi to my hotel room, watched Bridesmaids for the 15th time, and went to bed at 10pm. I know that’s sort of lame, but some nights, that’s what you’ve got to do!

The benefit of a low-key night — all the amazing clothes I saw the day before, that day, and the day after! Let’s be serious — those are what NYFW is all about!

{above: W118 by Walter Baker}

{ivana helsinki on fashion’s night out}

{W118, a mix of colors and urban-chic}

{gorgeous dresses at ivana helsinki}

{nautica presentation — swoon}

{karlie kloss being interviewed — she’s so cute}

{beautiful details at mathieu mirano}

{fashion at its coolest at chris benz}

{south beach chic at elie tahari}

{the best show of nyfw, by some (my) accounts}

{gorgeous detail at mathieu mirano}

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nyfw snaps, part one

September 23rd, 2012 · 3 Comments

Hey, remember that time I went to New York Fashion Week and then got back and didn’t post any pictures of the fashion shows?

I know, pathetic! But I’m finally getting through all of my photos from the incredible shows I saw this season, and it’s almost as much fun to relive the whole week all over again! So many people say they love fall and winter clothes, but OMG I am a spring and summer girl at heart. I love these feminine dresses, hippie-chic infusion, and instant classics. The hardest part is waiting for them to hit stores!

So here are a few of my instant favorites — look for more in the next week or so!

{above: some future Kate Middleton staples at Jenny Packham!}

{girly details at the Candela presentation}

{sleek and sophisticated at Rachel Roy}

{a glass of bubbly outside the tents!}

{shades of green in the finale at Nanette Lepore}

{kimora lee walking into the Lincoln Center entrance}

{flirty, flowy skirt at Candela}

{minka kelly and brad goreski at the Jenny Packham show}

{so feminine and polished at Jenny Packham}

{amazing accessories at Rachel Roy}

{perfect mixing and matching prints at Rachel Roy’s beautiful presentation}

{I need every piece in this Candela collection!}

{loved these prints at Nanette Lepore}

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my favorite outfit of nyfw!

September 19th, 2012 · 8 Comments

I’m not even kidding — this was the outfit I was most psyched about the entire week! And you know what? It got photographed for Teen Vogue while I was there! So clearly the universe and I are on the same page about the amazing-ness of chalked-pink hair.

I sometimes get asked to describe my style, and I usually say that it’s “polished, everyday chic” or something along that line. But I’m never afraid to bring in some fun too! Whether it’s pink hair, Forever 21 shorts, or a crazy neon shirt, fashion should *always* be fun.

ALSO THESE SHORTS ARE ON SALE FOR $6. JUST, SERIOUSLY. (I had to put that in caps because they were originally $12 and I’ve already bought four pairs.)

Forever 21 shorts, Naven blouse (similar here), By Boe bracelets, Rebecca Minkoff purse, Ippolita necklace, Obama pin (favor at the Nanette Lepore show!).

Photos by Kristin Booker and Jorge Aguilerra.

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NYFW: a little pink, a little punk

September 13th, 2012 · 6 Comments

I’m finally home after a crazy, whirlwind trip to NY (and back to Texas and back to New York again) and can’t wait to go through all my photos this weekend!  This week was such an awesome, incredible experience and it’s going to take me a few days just to recover.

But I couldn’t resist showing you a quick, fun thing I did with my hair one night: pink tips!  I am about as far from punk rock as you can get, but for Betsey Johnson’s 70th Birthday and Fashion Show, I figured I’d have a little fun.  I’m usually a high-heels-all-the-time girl, but there’s a special spot in my heart that will always be reserved exclusively for Converse sneakers. 

The technique I used for chalking my hair is here, but this time I wet the chalk with water for a more vibrant color.  I want to do this every weekend!

The show itself was a total madhouse, but I managed to snap a great shot of Besty, balloons, glitter and the models in the finale!  What a party.

On me: Rebecca Minkoff bag, Converse sneakers, Topshop dress, By Boe necklace.

Photo Credit: Jorge Aguilera.

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NYFW: what i wore, busy bee

September 11th, 2012 · 8 Comments


You guys, I am so sorry for the crazy posting schedule this week!  I made the slightly over-ambitious decision to bring just my iPad and not my laptop this NYFW, so while I’ve been taking a TON of photos over the last few days, I have no way to get them out into the world except through Instagram (@sugarlaws, if you’re not already following me there)!

But fortunately, awesome photographer Jorge Aguilera sent me a bunch of his shots of me so far, so I’ll have more to share with you guys soon! 

I can’t talk about this skirt without making a bumble bee reference, and part of what I love about it is that it reminds me of a Halloween costume I had when I was about six. 

But what’s fashion if not a big game of dress-up for grownups, right?




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