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I’m Pregnant!

October 14th, 2013 · 37 Comments

Pregnancy Announcement

So… we’ve got some big news!  I’ve been waiting to post this for months now, and it’s been really hard to keep something so exciting a secret!  But it’s finally time to share, and I’m incredibly thrilled to announce that I’m pregnant!

I am so, so excited — and nervous, and terrified, and all of the other emotions that come along with this huge change.  But after moving to Texas, getting settled in our house, and generally feeling like our lives are really stable and happy at this point, it finally felt like the right time to take this next step.  I still feel like I have to pinch myself — some mornings, I have trouble even wrapping my mind around it! 

I found out back in August, when I was in New York for the Mark. Tenth Birthday Party (meeting Lucy Hale actually wasn’t the most exciting thing to happen to me that day)!  I took the test (ahem… three tests… yes, I wanted to be very, very certain that morning) on the day of the party, which was amazing but also a little terrible, timing-wise: I wanted to tell Chad right away more than anything, but I also hated the idea of telling him over the phone!  I decided to keep my lips zipped for an extra day so that I could tell him when I got back to Texas, but I couldn’t keep the news totally quiet, so… I got out my iPhone and recorded a video!  As you guys can see, I was too excited to be organized or coherent, but now I’m really happy to have this little memento of the day I found out I was going to be a mom:

(Also sorry for the fuzzy quality… my iPhone was on its last legs this summer, but I was holding out till September to upgrade.  Sadly, this video was shot with the old phone!)

I’m due at the end of April, so there’s still a while to go, but I’m now at almost 13 weeks (about three months) and I’m so happy to finally break the news!  I was a bit of blabbermouth with friends and family early on — I tried so hard to wait until 12 weeks to share, but I couldn’t seem to stop myself from spilling the beans!  I feel very, very lucky that things have gone smoothly so far, and hopefully things will stay that way for the next six months!  There are basically an endless number of things you can worry about during pregnancy (Google is now my worst enemy), but so far, so good.

And… I’ve got a little bit of a bump already — more on that later this week!

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new wheels

May 20th, 2013 · 13 Comments


This was an exciting weekend!  Chad and I picked out a new car, which was completely necessary (he’s been driving a rental for two weeks!) but still not an experience I was really looking forward to.  For a long time, especially after living in New York, cars to me just seemed like glorified refrigerators: an appliance that had some practical value, but not exactly something I could get excited over. 

But there was always one exception: convertibles.  Ever since I was thirteen, I’ve wanted nothing more than a cute little yellow convertible.  When we moved to Houston, I tried really hard to convince Chad that I should get one, but ultimately we decided that safety and price weighed too much against it.

Fast forward almost two years, and it’s time to pick out a car for Chad.  And this time, I made my case as strong as I could: the medical benefits of Vitamin D, the warm weather in Texas for almost the whole year, and the fact that we could share both cars, which means that we’ll still have my sedan for trips to the airport and drives with multiple passengers.

And… success!  Sitting in our driveway right now is a black (not yellow — those are hard to find!) convertible!  I’m so, so excited — honestly, I’m more excited than I’ve ever been about a car in my life!  I can’t wait for fun jaunts with the top down, listening to music and hoping my hair doesn’t get too tangled (it will). 

And what better to wear on those fun weekend jaunts than some beautiful, easy-going, breezy-in-the-wind clothes?  You guys know how much I love By Smith (they were part of the Cotton 24-Hour Runway show and also in this post!), but this top is my favorite of all.  It’s so luxe and chic, and I love the bold, bright color!  I was extra excited when I realized it was a perfect match for the Brian Atwood sandals I picked up on super-sale after Christmas — obviously it was meant to be!

Gifted By Smith tank top, Abercrombie shorts, Brian Atwood heels, gifted Samantha Wills and Alex and Ani bracelets.





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palmilla waves

April 26th, 2013 · 2 Comments


Major photo post warning! I usually try to limit my photos to 4 or 5 for any given post, but this trip required me to bend those rules a little bit! I’m still daydreaming about crashing waves and sunset cocktails… and planning when we can go back.

Printed bikini is Eberjey; Solid bikini is from Everything But Water in Houston. We stayed at the One and Only Palmilla.























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