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something blue…

November 6th, 2013 · 4 Comments

Sugarlaws BHLDN 2

I don’t consider myself a totally traditional girl, but when it came to our wedding, I really wanted things done by the book.  We didn’t do photos beforehand so that Chad saw me for the first time when I came down the aisle, we saved the top tier of our wedding cake to eat on our first anniversary, and obviously, I made sure I was wearing ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.’

But my ‘something blue’ wasn’t nearly as pretty as these!  I love the idea of incorporating a little bit of color into your wedding outfit with gorgeous shoes — it’s such a perfect way to incorporate a tradition but to make it a little unique and your own!  Shoes are probably the wedding-day staple that you’re most likely to re-wear, so I love the idea of picking a pair you’ll love for years to come (four years later, I haven’t gotten around to re-dying my white satin wedding shoes, that I would “totally” dye black after the wedding, sigh). 

Also, since I was out of my heels about 2 hours into our reception, I’ll tell you that these are AMAZINGLY comfy and you could definitely dance in them!  I paired them with a dress I picked up this summer — I’m still enjoying looser fits that hide my baby bump every once in a while, although I know it’s only going to be more of challenge in the next few weeks!

BHLDN Cassiopeia heels, Alice and Olivia Fierra dress, BHLDN Luna bracelet and Luna Moth earrings.

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Sugarlaws BHLDN 3

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sparkle and shine

October 30th, 2013 · 10 Comments


I haven’t had a lot of excuses to dress up this fall, so when I get one, I like to make it count!  This is my outfit for my cousin’s rehearsal dinner in just a few weeks (I’m a bridesmaid, so the rehearsal dinner is my chance to pick something fun from my closet)!  I wanted to go with an outfit that was simple but incredibly elegant, and this was the obvious choice! 

I love classic pieces, and this bracelet and earrings from BHLDN are seriously some of my absolute favorites.  I’ve worn the bracelet with everything from jeans to a cocktail dress, and it’s perfect for dressing a casual outfit up!  For my wedding, I got a pearl bracelet that I wore almost every day in the months afterwards, and it was so nice every time I looked down at my wrist to see a little reminder of our big day.  (Same goes for my wedding earrings, also pearls, which I still break out for special occasions!) I could easily see a bride doing the same thing with these!

BHLDN Luna bracelet and Luna Moth earrings, Balenciaga dress.





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About Time

October 23rd, 2013 · 6 Comments

About Time

It’s funny, but lately I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about those tiny little moments that change your life.

You know what I’m talking about, right? Those moments that you don’t recognize as you’re actually living them, but looking back, you realize that everything ultimately traces back to them.

Case in point: Chad and I met twice before we really “met.”

The first time, I was three months out of college and moving into my law school dorm room, with my parents and sister and a car full of random dorm supplies in tow. Emily and I were carting a load of supplies up the elevators by ourselves (moving into a dorm in Manhattan is a complicated, multi-step procedure, since there is no parking anywhere, ever, so my parents were staying with the car) and as we get on the elevator, a guy in a Duke tee shirt steps on it with us. The three of us stand there in awkward silence for a minute or two, and then he gets off on his floor and we keep going to mine. The second the doors close, Emily says what I’d just been thinking: “That guy was really cute. You should date him.”

That’s how I remember meeting Chad.

The second time, I was running insanely late to a pre-orientation lecture, and by the time I got to the auditorium, literally every single person in my 400-person law school class was already seated. Which meant that there were zero seats left. Feeling totally awkward and self-conscious, I scouted the room for empty chairs, and finally found one… next to a cute boy, no less. Feeling a lot better, I squeezed my way through the row and sat down next to him just as the lecture started. But here’s how much we talked: exactly zero, zilch. He had this palm pilot (ha) that he was trying to get working throughout the whole lecture, and paid exactly no attention to me. Seriously, I could have been the wall.

But that’s how Chad remembers meeting me.

And then there’s the story of how we actually met: A day or two later, right before classes actually started, we were at a first year orientation party and both ended up talking to a mutual friend. After a few minutes, I was like, “didn’t I see you in the elevator?” and he was like, “didn’t I sit next to you during orientation?” But we got to talking and I gave him (unsolicited, because I was a ballsy little 22-year-old) my number, and we went out to a party the next night, and by the end of that week we were dating, and by the end of that decade (lol), we were married. But I’m never going to forget that tiny little moment in the elevator, when I had no idea that I was first setting eyes on my future husband.

And yet it’s crazy to think that that memory wouldn’t exist if things had been a little different — if I hadn’t run late for orientation, or my mom had run the cart of supplies into the dorm without me, or I’d skipped the party to study because I was starting law school the next day and completely terrified. I’d like to think we would have found each other anyway, but who knows? Change one moment, and you never know if you’re changing everything.

Which is exactly what happens in About Time, the insanely adorable-looking Rachel McAdams movie that’s coming out in November! The main character in the movie has a gift that lets him relive any moment of his life — but when he meets the perfect girl, his gift backfires and it turns out he’s never met her at all. So he goes back to meet her again and again, trying to make everything about the moment absolutely perfect — and eventually realizes that the best moments in life aren’t the perfect ones, but the ones that are imperfect and unpredictable and completely extraordinary.

(You know, the one where Chad ignores me in favor of his Palm Pilot, obviously!)

I’ve been desperately in the mood for really wonderful romantic comedy recently, and this one looks amazing. And — get ready for this — it’s made by the creator of Love Actually and Notting Hill, two of my favorite movies of all time, ever. Movie dates are my idea of a perfect night, and this one is on the top of my list for November. I’m 100% sure it will be an instant classic!

Also, how cute is this? If you don’t believe me that it looks amazing, believe Emma Watson!


You can check out the trailer below (it’s adorable) and catch it in select theaters November 1, everywhere November 8th!

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