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taking care of those pearly whites!

February 9th, 2015 · 4 Comments


You know something I think is funny?  Beauty blogs and magazines spend hours and hours talking about how to find the perfect shade of lipstick, and they tend to ignore the most important part of your smile: your teeth.  Sure, most of us know to brush twice a day, but it can be tempting to think that your oral health stops there.

Except, ew.  I just learned that brushing misses 75% of your mouth. 

Seventy five percent.  Think about how clean you’d be if you only showered 25% of your body.  Again: Ew. 

I’ve signed up to take the LISTERENE® 21-Day Challenge this month, starting today.  As part of the challenge, I’m committing to a twice-daily rinsing routine with antimicrobial mouthwash.  (I’m using the grown-up version, but I have to give a little shout-out to the bubblegum-flavored kids mouthwash: it’s actually pretty awesome.)

I’m actually really excited about this challenge because my oral care habits are pretty good, but could definitely use some improvement.  I always brush twice a day, no matter what, but I could be a lot better about flossing and truthfully, I hardly ever use mouthwash.  Every once in a while if I’m running out to an event and my mouth is feeling less than fresh, but it’s not always part of my daily routine.  However… 75%.  Of my mouth.  Missed.  Needless to say, I’m going to be rethinking that particular habit.

As a mom, setting a good example for oral care is particularly important — Bear is too little now to use toothpaste or mouthwash (although our pediatrician recommended that we brush his teeth with just water to get him used to the habit!), but I know the best way to avoid epic toothbrushing battles later on is to set a good example for him early on.  And good oral hygiene is incredibly important — oral disease is the #1 chronic childhood illness in the U.S., and for millions of kids, their pain is so severe that it affects their ability to eat, sleep, and learn.  That’s scary stuff.  We all want the best for our kids, so teaching them great habits is crucial. 

So, for the next 21 days, I’m going to be amping up my oral care routine in an effort to create a lasting habit.  The nice thing about changing your habits for three full weeks is that you actually give yourself a chance of sticking with it — once you’ve incorporated a change into your routine for a few weeks, it’s a lot easier to keep going. 

If you’d like to take the LISTERENE® 21-Day Challenge along with me, sign up here!  Once you sign up, you’ll receive daily personalized emails from an expert in fitness, nutrition, or home organization. (I want all three!  But I went with organization, because it’s the area I need help with the most.) And you’ll also be entered to win awesome prizes like a Fitbit®, a $100 Container Store® gift card and an Amazon Fire TV!  And best of all, you’ll be creating great habits that will help keep your teeth and gums healthy for years to come. 

I’ll be updating you guys as we go, and I’m so excited to get started!

Disclosure: I received LISTERINE® Brand products from Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc. as part of my participation in the LISTERINE® 21-Day Challenge. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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Gain flings! laundromat takeover this weekend!

February 6th, 2015 · 1 Comment


Ever since our son arrived, I have been doing a lot of laundry. 

And truthfully, laundry isn’t my favorite thing to do.  Although I have fond memories of cramming for tests while sitting on my college dorm’s dryers, laundry is one of those tasks that I streamline as much as possible. 

So I was really excited to discover Gain flings!  These laundry detergent pacs provide premeasured portions of detergent that you can just throw in the wash.  No measuring, no sticky fingers, no dripping nozzles

Shaving a few seconds off the laundry experience?  Yespleaseyespleaseyesplease. 

And even better, they’re packed with more scent than liquid detergent!  These little pacs have 50% more sent, and 97% of customers who sampled them said that they’d use them again.  I got to try some too, and they are amazing!

And I’m extra excited to announce that I’m hosting a Laundromat takeover in Houston this weekend to celebrate Gain flings!  We’ll have samples, games, giveaways, and free laundry!  (Yes, you heard me right: free laundry!)

Details below:
Saturday, February 7, 10 am – 4 pm
Spin Cycle Washeteria
54 E. Crosstimbers, Houston, TX 77022

I’ll be hosting an onsite Twitter chat from 11am to noon, so if you can’t join us in person, be sure to Tweet using the hashtag #BestScentEver for chances to win!

Can’t wait to see and Tweet with all of you! 


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New Year, New Beauty Routines!

January 14th, 2015 · 11 Comments

Dove 7.Final

Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with Dove.  I have been compensated for my participation, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

There’s something I want to admit to you guys. 

I’ve gotten into a beauty rut. 

Between work, the baby, and all my other commitments, taking time to pamper myself was dead last on my to-do list for most of 2014. 

But, you know what?  The start of a new year is the perfect time to change that.  Sure, 2014 was hectic and harried — but that’s a huge reason to set some big beauty resolutions for this coming year!

So, in partnership with Dove, I’m sharing my beauty resolutions for 2015.  I make resolutions every year, and usually I’m pretty good about keeping them, so I’m optimistic that I can keep these up — as you guys will see, this year I’m all about the simple, easy ways to amp up my beauty routine and add some balance and relaxation to my schedule.

Dove 3.Final

Resolution #1: Take Time to Relax

One day-to-day change that I’m making is in my morning shower routine — instead of a quick wash while I think about my never-ending to-do list, I want to create a luxurious, soothing experience that starts my day with a moment of calmness and presence.  Small changes in your daily routine can make a big difference in your outlook, and your beauty routine starts in the shower!  I just discovered Dove’s Sensitive Skin Body Wash and I’m totally obsessed with it — it’s so nourishing and moisturizing, and leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth.

So in my morning shower, I want to spend a few extra moments feeling the warmth of the water on my skin.  I want to use great products with scents and textures I love, like this one, and bring that calmness and luxury to my skin and mind all day long.

Dove 4.Final

Resolution #2: Take Some Beauty Risks

One big problem with a hectic schedule: it makes you reach for the same lipstick, the same blush, and the same eyeshadow every. single. day.  Sure, I know I can get away with it and look pulled together, but you know what?  It’s boring. 

This year, I want to take more beauty risks, whether it’s a bold, bright lip color, a pop of coral on my cheeks, or even a new haircut.  Beauty isn’t about just going through the motions — beauty is meant to be fun.  This year, I’m going to focus on remembering that and having fun with my routine again.

Dove 1.Final

Resolution #3: Bring Calmness and Peace Into Everyday

That calmness and presence I focused on during my morning shower?  Unfortunately, sometimes it flies right out the window when, half an hour later, I’m stuck in traffic or drowning in unanswered emails. 

But my resolution this year isn’t just to relax during those calm, peaceful moments at the start of the day — it’s to focus on bringing that calmness and peacefulness to everything I do, all day long.  Instead of rushing from task to task, I’m going to take time to plan my day, tackle the things that need to be done, and consciously give myself a break at the end of the task before heading immediately into the next. 

Those are my beauty resolutions for 2015!  I’m sure I’ll add to this list as my year goes on, but those are the ones I’m focusing on starting this month.  And both Dove and I would love to hear from you guys too!  What beauty resolutions are you making this year? 

Finally, Dove is giving three of you guys a chance to try their body wash yourselves! Enter below by commenting on this post or by following @sugarlaws on Twitter or Facebook, and and I’ll pick three random winners after 48 hours!  US shipping only. 

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