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pretty in pink

April 21st, 2014 · 2 Comments


I just realized that this is basically the perfect Easter dress, but I have to be honest: I had mild contractions all weekend, so I pretty much sat around in my pajamas from Friday afternoon until Sunday night.

My mom had me 11 days early (her first baby) and my little sister three weeks early, so the idea that I might go all the way to my due date honestly never even registered in my mind.  But now, with the date fast approaching in just a few days, I’m starting to confront the possibility, and… ugh.

So, pity party for me this weekend.  I keep trying to distract myself with little projects or work, but it’s hard to focus on anything except waiting for this baby to arrive!

I think what I need is a majorly compelling distraction — I’ve tried watching TV and reading, and nothing seems to take my mind off the impending baby!  Any suggestions? 

Anyways, this dress: I got it a few weeks ago, and I was super worried that it would sell out before I could post it, because it’s only $52 and so incredibly cute!  But, amazingly, it’s still in stock!  I paired it with these amazing sandals, which are Armani but I found them at Marshalls last spring, so this outfit is kind of a bargain all around!

ASOS dress, Armani heels (bought at Marshalls), Brahmin bag (old, but similar here!).





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Stripes and Sequins

April 18th, 2014 · 1 Comment


I always assumed that when I hit 35 weeks or so, I’d basically go into hiding for the last few weeks of pregnancy, given that it’s not the most flattering time and I probably wouldn’t really be in the mood to photo-document it. 

But then… I started getting excited that I finally looked so very pregnant.  Sure, none of my clothes fit.  Sure, my feet are swollen and high heels are less comfortable than they were eight months ago.  But it’s kind of fun to see this big belly in photos, and I found myself getting even more excited about taking them! 

So I figured I’d highlight one of my go-to pregnancy outfits — seriously, this is what I wear about once a week.  Some of you may remember this LOFT top from last summer — it became one of my favorite maternity shirts for this whole pregnancy!  It’s not actually even a maternity shirt… it’s just a really great shirt.  Obviously, it’s long since sold out, but now I wish that I’d picked up a backup when I had the chance!

(Side note: I just ordered this top from LOFT for spring — I used the coupon code SPRING for 40% off, which makes it $15, and I’m obsessed with the aqua color!  I may pick it up in peach as well!)

I paired it with my favorite new bag for spring — this beautiful Brahmin purse!  I love the blush color for spring and summer — does it get any cuter than this?

LOFT top (sold out, similar here and here), Brahmin Ophelia purse, Jimmy Choo Abel pumps, Splendid leggings, Daniel Wellington watch.





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texas sunset

April 14th, 2014 · 3 Comments


I’ve gotten a bunch of questions about whether I’m doing a maternity photoshoot, and the answer is, most likely, unless anything changes in the next few days: No, I’m not.

I flirted with the idea of one around the time that we were planning my baby shower — I actually reached out to a photographer to see if we could do a maternity shoot and cover the shower on the same day, but, unfortunately, they were out of town that weekend, and after that the idea just kind of fell off my radar.

I’m fine with this decision, and truly don’t think I’ll regret it later.  (I mean, let’s face it: it’s not like I’m exactly lacking photos of myself.) On the other hand, I’m glad that I’ve gotten “bump” photos along with my typical outfit photos for the past few months — it’s been so fun to compare how my body has changed week-to-week, and it’s really added to my excitement as the weeks have gone on. 

I took these shots a few weeks ago, during a particularly beautiful Texas sunset.  It was one of those fleeting moments that I almost missed — it was the end of an extremely busy day, and I was tired and ready to get home, put on pajamas, and do absolutely nothing for several hours before falling asleep. 

But I decided to stay in my heels a little longer, and capture this pretty sunset as best I could.  The light was gone minutes after I clicked the first shot, but I’m so happy with how they turned out. 

So if this is my version of “maternity portraits”?  Well, that works for me.

Modcloth dress, Necklaces: Free People (similar), Ann Taylor (similar), Canvas by Land’s End, Taryn Reed bracelet, Marshalls heels (similar here).





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