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little leopard

March 28th, 2014 · 3 Comments


I’ve gotten so many questions about maternity clothes, and my short answer is:

At the beginning, I was crazy excited to buy them.  I was just so happy to be pregnant and excited about the way my body was going to change, and my first thought was immediately to scour the internet for the cutest, chic-est, most stylish maternity clothes I could find.

And then… the novelty of buying them wore off.  And I got more and more pregnant, and started to realize: I’m buying “eh” clothes for a body that’s only going to need them for three more months. 

And that’s when I posted this Instagram photo (some of you may remember it)!  Because I realized that I was way better off looking for looser cuts from the non-maternity section of my closet (clothes that I love and wear all the time) than I was buying things I didn’t love just because they had the word “Maternity” on the label. 

In the end, I bought five pairs of jeans, two tops, three dresses, and a belly band I used once.  (Literally, once.  Some people love them, I did not.) And that was too much.  I could easily have made due with one or two pairs of jeans, but I was trying to figure out what shape and style I liked the most and obviously I needed pink and white ones too (never mind that I was pregnant in the middle of winter).  The tops, also, were pretty unnecessary for me — but I’m short and I know taller girls have more trouble with the length of tops as their bellies grow.

And in the end, I’m happy that I came to my senses.  Take this dress: I bought it at eight months pregnant, it’s not a maternity dress, and yet it totally works and I love it to death.  It’s an ASOS leopard print skater dress — basically, exactly what I wore pre-pregnancy and exactly what I plan to go back to wearing after this baby arrives. 

It’s something that will stay in my closet long after this baby gets here, and that I’ll probably pull out for dinners and events a year or two from now.  It has enough stretch to keep everything covered, but it’s also just my style.  When I put on this dress, I feel easy and comfortable and fun — I feel like myself

Which, when your body has been taken over by a little bowling-ball-sized alien, is a pretty wonderful feeling to have.

ASOS leopard smock dress, Miu Miu bag (old, similar here), Alex and Ani bracelets.




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mad about mint

March 22nd, 2014 · No Comments


First of all, thank you all so much for the comments (and reassurances!) on my last post.  I felt SO much better after reading them — I do have a lot of trust in my doctor, and I know that she and her team will be doing everything possible to keep me and the baby healthy.  And, ultimately, I’m going to try to not sweat my lack of a formal “plan” — but I’m still going to make sure that I’ve done the research into my options and that Chad knows what I want as well. 

I was looking through old folders on my computer this weekend, and I found these from early February (at almost six months pregnant) and realized that I’d somehow never posted them!  I need to keep better track of my maternity outfits, because in a few weeks (!) they’ll all be extremely dated.  (I may post a few after the baby is born, since outfit photos will probably be the last thing on my mind during those first few weeks with a newborn…)

I remember thinking that I was “huge” when I took these, and now that makes me laugh.  (This Instagram photo, where I claimed to be ginormous?  Oh, that makes me smile…)

Little did I know, “huge” was on the horizon right… about… now.  And I still have five more weeks to go!

When I first got pregnant, people asked me a lot whether I thought that my style would change with the baby bump, and now that I’m eight months in, I honestly don’t think that it did.  Sure, my options were a lot more limited — it’s hard to suddenly lose 95% of your wardrobe because nothing fits — but ultimately, I gravitated to the same bold colors, easy silhouettes, and polished, relaxed vibe that I’ve always loved. 

Still, though… gosh, I’m looking forward to getting to wear my clothes again.  For a girl who loves fashion, the last few months have been a bit of a bummer — I hardly fit into anything from non-maternity stores, and the selection at maternity stores is just dismal.  Even if I don’t lose the baby weight right away, I’m really looking forward to picking up a few new fun pieces for Spring and Summer!

Sabo Skirt knit sweater (old, but a very similar one here), Splendid leggings, Free People, Land’s End and Ann Taylor necklaces, Ann Taylor and Tiffany & Co. bracelets, Chanel purse.






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spring in the air

March 14th, 2014 · 5 Comments


I’ve bought hardly any new clothes for the past six or so months, mostly because each time I think about ordering something, it seems totally overwhelming to wonder whether it will fit my body by the time it arrives, whether I’ll be able to wear it post-baby, and whether I actually like it or I’m just picking whatever loose and/or stretchy item will fit me. 

And yet… after a while, I got sick of my closet (especially the limited portion of it that still fits me).  I’m not splurging on any new expensive pieces until probably a few months after the baby is born (just in time for September Fashion Week!), but I figure I might as well pick up a few affordable pieces to wear in these in-between months.

I was pleasantly surprised by this top, which was super chic and will totally work post-partum!  I thought about belting it, which would be adorable, but somehow the over-the-bump belt never quite works on me.  Usually belts are a great trick for petite girls, but I never quite like them on my shape.  Still, I think that would be adorable on someone else!

(Sadly, I waited a little too long to post this, and my top is now sold out in blue, but it’s still available in black chevron and there’s a cute sleeveless style here!)

Modcloth Zoom Bisou Top top, Splendid leggings, Rachel Roy x FEED bag, La Mer Collections watch, Jimmy Choo wedges.





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