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Halloween DIY: Butterfly Headpiece

October 28th, 2013 · 4 Comments


I loved my costume for Halloween last year, but this year I wanted to do something a little bit different!  Last year I bought a costume (on the day of Halloween, sigh — it was traumatic and intense and I have no interest in doing that again, ever) but this year, I had my heart set on doing a DIY project.  I’m not usually much of a crafter, but I thought this project would be really fun!

I like my DIY projects the way I like my recipes: simple, easy, and generally pretty foolproof.  I’d take a yummy cookie recipe or simple weeknight dinner idea over a hundred-step dish just about any day (although every once in a while, it’s fun to try something challenging).  So for this project, I wanted a DIY idea that was a little more my speed.

This wasn’t my brainchild — I based it on a Martha Stewart tutorial, but simplified it a lot.  This only takes are few minutes and I think the results are adorable!


Here’s what you need: Hair combs (I got mine at a dollar store, 6 combs for a whopping $1); crafting butterflies (I bought 24 but ended up using only 18), a glue gun, extra ribbon and wire.  I already had the glue gun, ribbon and wire, so the total cost of this project for me was about $17.

Step One

I told you this tutorial would be super easy: my butterflies came already attached to wire, so literally all I had to do was attach the wire to the hair combs by wrapping it tightly.  If your butterflies don’t come with wire, or if they fall off (as one of mine did), just re-attach them with a dot of hot glue from the glue gun.

Step Two

Spread the butterflies out at different intervals and different heights — you don’t have to be too picky about this, but make sure you have some variety.  Remember that some of the crown will be going lower on your hairline, so you want to make sure they’re still visible (and out of your eyes)!  In total, I did five combs with three butterflies each.

Step Three

Last, attach a few butterflies at 1-2″ intervals to a pink ribbon.  Make sure to tuck in or clip any excess wire so it doesn’t poke you!  Wrap the ribbon around your neck and/or wrists, and place the combs in your hair.  Arrange them until you have the shape that you want, and you’re done!


For my makeup in this look, I started with a freshly moisturized face using Simple Skincare Replenishing Rich Moisturizer,  and then added a light foundation.  I wanted the makeup to look radiant and luminous, so I stuck to colorful, feminine colors for my eyes and cheeks — a purple shadow palette from Avon and pink blush from Estee Lauder.  I lined my eyes with brown pencil liner before applying the shadow for some added definition, and finished the look off with mascara and a glossy bright pink lip!

And that’s it!  The finished product is below — Happy Halloween, everyone!


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NYFW Beauty: The Good, The Bad, The Wackadoodle Crazy

October 9th, 2013 · 4 Comments


The one thing you can always count on at New York Fashion Week: Spectacle.  No matter what you’re expecting, there’s always some designer to take a big risk with crazy accessories or totally unique hair and makeup.  Sometimes it’s an awesome addition to a show, sometimes it’s distracting and maybe not the best choice.  But it’s always interesting. 

So I thought I’d do a little recap of some of the trends I saw, from the ones that I’m excited to try out, to the ones that aren’t for me, to the ones that some of you braver readers might be interested in. :-)

photo 2

Good: Luminous Makeup

Candela is always one of my favorite shows (it’s hard to believe they were a new discovery to me just a few seasons ago) and this year, they knocked it out of the park with their models’ gorgeous hair and makeup.  EVerything was flawless, from the rosy cheeky to the dewy skin: to me, this makeup is perfect.

Simple Skincare 3

Good: Minimal Makeup

The clothes were so fierce at Matthieu Mirano that I almost didn’t notice at first that the models were hardly wearing any makeup!  I love the juxtaposition of tough-girl clothes (black leather bralets, wow) with a completely natural face, so this one was a home run for me.  Things to remember when you’re recreating this natural look: you can still use foundation to add contour and definition to your features, just keep it light and natural.  And always start out with a clean and moisturized face (I recommend Simple Skincare’s Hydrating Light Moisturizer with SPF) so your skin can take center stage!

photo 3

Good: Bold Blush

Pale skin with bold blush is Just. So. Pretty.  I snapped this quick pic of one of the models backstage at Peter Som and just totally fell in love.  It’s a good reminder to venture beyond my normal pale-pink/golden-bronze cheek colors, because a swipe of bold blush is such a beautiful, fashion-foward look!

photo 5

Not So Good: Dark Under-Eye Liner

I loved the clothes and the presentation generally, but to me, this makeup was a miss.  Putting such heavy black liner under the eyes did nothing for the models’ pretty features, and the room was so hot that you could see them sweating.  (If only they had Simple Skincare Radiance Wipes!)

Simple Skincare 4

Good: Messy Updos

Usually I’m not the biggest fan of updos generally, but this season, there were some gorgeous messy updo looks.  I loved the hand-twisted knot at Peter Som and this crimped bun at Tracy Reese.  The techniques were totally different — at Peter Som, the texture was created using Wella’s Ocean Spritz and then blow-drying upwards from the roots, and at Tracy Reese, the stylists created texture by crimping the models’ hair before styling the bun.  Both are cool techniques that I can’t wait to try out!

photo 4

Wackadoodle: Two-Tone Bobs

First, I have to set your mind at ease: these are wigs.  I wasn’t sure at first, but every single model came out with the exact same style, so at that point I felt reasonably confident that they hadn’t chopped and dyed the hair of a dozen or so runway models.  But what do you guys think of the two-tone bob?  I thought it was pretty cool and worked with the clothes, but it isn’t exactly a look I’m going to replicate anytime soon. 

Simple Skincare 5

Wackadoodle: Body Tattoos

Only at Fashion Week, huh?  Truth be told, I kind of loved this full arm tattoo when I spotted it backstage at Tracy Reese.  I’m a big fan of temporary tattoos, and sometimes wear them on the weekends — so I’m kind of digging that the fashion world is embracing them!  What do you guys think — would you ever try this out?

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Throwback Tuesday: Emmy Awards!

September 24th, 2013 · 2 Comments


I had such a blast watching the Emmy Awards on Sunday — mostly because it brought back one of my absolute favorite memories: when Chad and I got to go!  These pictures are a little old (some of you newer readers might not even remember my brown hair!) but still such a blast to remember.  (For more, check out my original post here!)

I’m such a sucker for awards shows, but the Emmys are maybe my absolute favorite!  I love television so much (even more than movies!), so it was such, such a blast to be able to get to see some of my favorite actors and actresses in person.  Pretty much everyone was more beautiful and way tinier than I expected — somehow I always think that actors will be like fashion models, six feet tall and all bones!  It’s crazy that most of them are just (ridiculously gorgeous) normal people!

And Simple Skincare is getting into the awards season fun with a red carpet giveaway until Wednesday!  To enter, follow @SimpleSkincare on Twitter, and tweet using the hashtags #SimpleVIP and #RedCarpet how you use Simple® to get red carpet ready.  100 winners will get a Simple gift bag!

(And if that’s not enough for you, they’re also hosting a Twitter Party on Wednesday from 8-9pm EST!  Follow @SimpleSkincare and use the #FallBeauty hashtag to join. It will be focused on fall skincare, and besides the tons of winners they’ll announce throughout the party, four grand prize winners will receive a $100 American Express gift card, a yoga mat, a makeup sample and 11 Simple gift bags!)


Tags: This post was created in connection with my appointment as an Ambassador in the Simple® Skincare Program. · Visit to share your story on sensitive skin. For more tips and deals from Simple, join the Simple VIP community at