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the city that never sleeps

September 12th, 2015 · 17 Comments


The stars aligned this month for a quick trip to NYC for me — a quiet week at work coincided with an invitation to two events that I didn’t want to miss in the city, so before I could second-guess the decision, I booked a flight. 

{Side note: I’m still trying to figure out when my idea of a “Can’t Miss” event became a fundraising dinner with the dean of my law school…  When did I become such a grown-up?!}

But I was overdue for a trip and this was a great excuse, so I kissed Bear and Chad good-bye for a couple of days and hopped on a plane. 

And oh my gosh, you guys.  New York.  Sometimes I still miss it so much

Every time I go back, it takes me a little bit of time to adjust.  For the first day or so, you have to get used to all the buildings, all the people, all the rushing and hustling and nonstop motion of the city.  It’s a little overwhelming.  It’s also completely amazing.

A while back, I wrote about our decision to leave New York — it was a really hard one for me, because I knew that I wanted the life that we could only have outside the city, but I wasn’t sure I wanted it just yet.  I kept wanting “one ore year” of our life the way it was, our cozy one-bedroom in Greenwich Village where I could walk to my favorite gelato shop or all the way to my office in midtown on a sunny day.  I loved the diversity and the culture and the food and all the amazing things that only emerge when you pack about a million people into a few square miles. 

Yes, it was expensive and exhausting and challenging every day.  No, I didn’t mind one bit. 

But if there’s one thing that’s almost as good as living in New York, it’s this: visiting New York as a former New Yorker. 

It’s amazing because you can experience the city any way you want.  You can see friends and visit favorite spots and remember exactly what your life was like.  You can walk by your old apartment door or the place you met your husband (ahem, ahem).  New York changes every day, but no matter how long you’re gone, there’s always somewhere to come home to.

But on the flip side, you can also do something else.  You can experience it as a tourist.  And in the four years since we left, that’s the part I’d been missing.  I’ve gone back frequently, but I’ve always had an insane schedule that left me running around from morning till night. 

This time?  I had a whole afternoon off.  A very rare luxury for me, so I wanted to make the most of it.

So I experienced New York as a visitor.  I shopped at Saks and spent too much on sunglasses.  I went to a museum, just to look around.  And then I took myself out for dessert at the Rainbow Room, which is a bar on the top of Rockefeller Center that’s been around since the 30’s.  It probably the most touristy, vacation-er, guidebook-hyped spot in the entire city. 

No native New Yorker would ever show their face there. 

But, you know what?  Although sometimes it makes me a little sad to admit it, I’m not a New Yorker anymore.  And as a visitor, sometimes those tourist-y, guidebook-hyped spots are exactly what you’re craving. 

Sometimes you just want to sit back, and enjoy the view. 

And so I did.

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three hours later…

April 27th, 2015 · 1 Comment

Last week, Chad and I went to Costa Rica!

Remember how I asked you guys for vacation ideas?  Well, I was listening.  About a week after getting so many amazing suggestions from y’all, I cancelled the trip that I’d planned (to the same spot in Mexico we’d gone to in October) and decided we were heading someplace new. 

And it was such an awesome trip.  Costa Rica has been on our list of places we’d like to visit since around our honeymoon, but somehow we never made it there, even though it’s less than three hours from Houston.  But as I was thinking about where we liked to go, a few of you chimed in about it, and I decided that this was our chance.

One thing I really love about Houston is that it’s amazingly easy to travel from here as a home base.  In about three hours, I can be in Manhattan, Los Angeles, or sitting on a beach in Mexico.  It’s sort of a pipe dream because spending even a few days away from Bear is hard, but I also try to remind myself that someday soon, he can come with us.  He’s too little to appreciate it now, but one of my biggest dreams for him is to have him experience different cultures around the world, and I can’t wait to get started.

I have a few more pictures (all from my iPhone, which is a story of its own) that I’ll share later this week, but for now let me say: Happy Monday!

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our next vacay…

March 23rd, 2015 · 10 Comments

So, in October, Chad and I took off for a few days (solo!) in Mexico, leaving Bear with three grandparents to take care of him.  I was so nervous before the trip — I almost canceled it completely a week before we left, because I couldn’t handle the thought of leaving our baby, even for a few days — but it ended up being such a wonderful experience. 

As Bear approaches the one-year mark, a lot has changed.  Our life feels and looks completely different from the way it was before he arrived, but at this point… we’ve adjusted.  We’re used to the 6 a.m. wake-ups and never leaving the house without an extra onesie and a bottle.  Sure, there are Saturday mornings when I’d cut off my left arm to be able to sleep till noon, but for the most part, at this point, we’re pretty much in the driver’s seat.

And then, a few weeks ago, I came up with the idea: right after Bear’s first birthday party, when the grandparents will all be in town… maybe we could take another trip.

I floated the idea to Chad, who thought it was a great one, and my mom said she could clear her schedule to stay a few extra days.

So, now, the question is: where do we go?

In October, we went to Punta Mita, which is a resort town in Mexico right outside of Puerto Vallarta.  It was 1) easy to get to, a 2.5 hour plane ride, which is key, and 2) absolutely gorgeous, as you can see from the video above.  I’ve thought about other destinations, but I don’t want to spend whole days traveling for a quick trip.  I’d like somewhere luxe but I also love to get a good deal, so I’m debating just going back to a place we’ve liked before. 

But I would love any recommendations!  Particularly places that are warm, beachy, and easy to get to from Texas!  Anybody have any gems that might be off my radar?




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November 3rd, 2014 · 6 Comments

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

In case you missed it last week on Instagram, Chad and I took a much-needed vacation in paradise for a few days.

A few months ago, when I was waking up with Bear four or five times every night, Chad said to me: “This fall, let’s plan a trip to Mexico.”

And ever since then, all I could think was: Ok, at some point, months from now, I will get four uninterrupted nights of sleep.

Forget the beach. Forget the tan. Forget the lavish dinners and desserts.

You know what was the best part?


It was glorious.






Vacay 5.Final

And I took advantage of every second: I was so lazy on this trip, I didn’t even read a book. We watched the waves and ate everything in sight and went to sleep at literally nine p.m. on the dot every night. 

And it was one of the best vacations I’ve ever had.

It’s been six months since baby Bear was born, and it was so hard to leave him. Truthfully, about a week before we were scheduled to leave, I almost called the whole thing off — I worried that it would be too hard for my mom to take care of him, that he’d be miserable, or that I’d miss some formative moment while we were gone.

And, you know what? None of that happened. Sure, he was a lot of work, but he also has four wonderful grandparents who did an amazing job with him (we’re very lucky for that, I know). He wasn’t miserable — in fact, my mom sent me photos and videos of him laughing almost every day. I video-chatted with him so I could see his little face. We’re home now and settling back into our routine, with a hiccup here and there… but mostly just fine. 

And mom is a little tan, a little rested, and a little better at weathering some of the many challenges the next six months will bring.

All in all? A great trip all around.

Vacay 11.Final





Vacay 13.Final

2014-10-30 20.20.20

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Miami Photo Diary

January 20th, 2014 · 3 Comments


A few months ago, I went to Miami for a bachelorette party.  At just over 3 months pregnant, I wasn’t the most fun or crazy member of the party (in fact, not surprisingly, I was exactly the least fun and crazy member of the group), but I’m reminded every time I visit that city how awesomely beautiful it is. 

Chad and I thought long and hard about almost every major city in the United States when we left New York.  (Truthfully, we thought quite hard about Paris and London as well, but unfortunately, they have their own legal systems and licensing, so we wouldn’t have been able to practice law… pretty much a dealbreaker).  But one of my favorite things about being open to everywhere was thinking about all of the unique and wonderful aspects of each city — the glamour of Los Angeles, the natural beauty of Portland or Seattle, the excitement and energy of Miami. 

We settled on Houston (the ease of life in Houston was hard to pass up, as well as being so close to Chad’s family) and have been incredibly happy here, but I still love imagining how our lives would have gone if we’d picked a different path and ended up somewhere else. 

So here’s to my imaginary life in Miami: all parties and beaches and palm trees.













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