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Posted By katy On September 8, 2009 @ 4:08 am In style | 18 Comments

Kate Spade Coat

Wait, food?  Fashion?!?

Come on, Katy.  Don’t you know that those two passions never occur simultaneously inside a single human being?  Don’t you realize that if people who liked clothes actually decided to eat, the entire fashion industry would crumble to dust in significantly less than the time it takes to wait in line for a Marc Jacobs sample sale?

Well, I’m ready to test that theory.  Despite running a food blog for almost two years, I do have a life outside of cooking.  A life that is actually much more well-rounded and less caloric than you would think from looking at the recipes I post on this website.  And I’m ready to share the rest of it!

My hope is that, in addition to enjoying the recipes and my witty commentary (who, me?  modest?  not so much), I’ll get to share some tips on clothes, decorating, and life generally as a girl in NYC.

Or, as I like to say: living sweetly, in every way.

My goal is to put up one non-food post for every recipe I make, so I’m going to increase the number of posts on this site, without abandoning my food blog roots.  So don’t worry, I’ll have a great new recipe up for you in just a day or two.

But to kick things off, this picture is my top must-have item for fall.  I was walking home from work one day and walked straight by the Kate Spade store with only a halfhearted glance.  But when I saw this in the window, I immediately doubled back to try it on.  To me, it’s a cross between Mad Men and Confessions of a Shopaholic — I’m not sure how that works, but it totally, completely does.  I’m hoping it goes on sale before the weather gets cold enough for jackets here!

Like it?  Kate Spade Madeline Mona Coat: Buy it here [1] or here [2].

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