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Posted By katy On May 2, 2013 @ 9:33 am In style | 8 Comments


So, let me tell you a story about this weekend: we experienced our first Houston flood.

Chad and I had a busy day on Saturday — we had a friend’s daughter’s birthday party, and on the way home, it was raining extremely hard (like, scary to drive in) but we made it home and were getting ready to go out to a charity ball that I’ve been working on for the past YEAR.

And about half an hour before we were going to leave, we look outside at our street, and… flooded.  Like, water coming up our (thankfully elevated) driveway, about 12 inches from getting into our house.  The pool was filled up to ground level, but thankfully, it was draining well and not coming into the house.  But the street had probably two and a half feet of sitting water.

Obviously, we couldn’t drive in it, so we wound up having to miss the whole event — a major disappointment that was obviously necessary but still kind of sad.  The next morning, I was still a little bummed out, so what I really wanted was an outfit that said “comfy” as much as it said “stylish.”

But fortunately, my closet has tons of options for a Sunday morning pity party. :-) I fell in love with MIH jeans last year, and this new pair is living up to that very high standard!  I love that they’re a little cropped so they didn’t even need tailoring — a big plus when you’re 5’2″!  And Nine West has always been my secret for cute heels that are actually comfortable — I have pairs that I’ve worn 100+ times!  When I reach for shoes for a busy day, comfort is usually the most important factor.

The good news: Chad and I are hosting another charity event this weekend!  If you’re in Houston, come join us for a Kentucky Derby Party (invite with details is here [1])!  I’ll be breaking out the cute outfit I couldn’t wear this past weekend! :-/

Gifted MIH jeans (“Paris” style in “Gidget” wash!) [2], Sabo Skirt top, gifted Nine West sandals [3], gifted By Boe necklace [4] and anklet [5].




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