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nyfw: what i packed in my makeup bag!

Posted By katy On February 24, 2012 @ 11:45 am In beauty,style,This post was created in connection with my appointment as an Ambassador in the SimpleĀ® Skincare Program. | 12 Comments

True story: Although I did most of my packing in the 24 hours before my flight, I actually packed my makeup bag almost a week ahead.  Since I knew I’d be wearing full makeup almost every day I was in New York, I wanted to give my skin a bit of a break beforehand, and hopefully get it moisturized, energized and ready to brave the freezing New York City temperatures!

So as I was packing, I decided to snap a quick pic of what I brought along, and I thought you guys might want to see my essentials!  (“Essentials” is probably a generous term, since I brought a full bag of just beauty products, plus my brushes and hair tools!)

So here’s what I packed:


Obviously, Simple Skincare [1] was my go-to, and their cleansing facial wipes were exactly what I needed after a long, exhausting day when I didn’t want to spend half an hour in front of the bathroom mirror getting off every drop of makeup!  I also brought Simple Refreshing Facial Wash [2] for use in the mornings, to make sure my skin was hydrated, refreshed, and ready for the tents!

(As a side note, I saw Simple Skincare products in our grocery store the week before I left, so they’re finally hitting the shelves!  Make sure to keep an eye out for them, especially those of you with sensitive skin — they will seriously change your life!)


I basically only do two eye makeup routines, a grey-black and a more natural brown smokey eye (for the brown, it’s sort of a mix of this [3] and this post [4] with slightly different products — I need to do a new tutorial soon!).  I’m absolutely addicted to Urban Decay eyeliner pencils, they’re by far the best I’ve ever used — really soft, so those of you without a steady hand will be able to apply them evenly (they do need to be resharpened really often though).Ā  I use the color Bourbon [5] for my brown smokey eye, and Oil Slick [6] for the grey-black one.

Of course, my DIORSHOW mascara [7] was a must, as were individual false lashes [8], although I only wore them day.  Hydropeptide sent my their Lash Serum [9] a few weeks before, and I’ve been using it just about every night!  It hasn’t irritated my eyes at all, and I thought it might be a safer pre-NYFW experiment than Lastisse (which I’m also planning to try soon).  Anything healthy I can do for fuller lashes is a must in my book!  (If you’re curious for more on this, check out my post on eyelash extensions here [10].)

Taking off eye makeup at night is absolutely crucial for me to avoid ugly smudges the next day, so obviously I packed my amazingly gentle (and kind to skin) Simple Skincare Eye Make-Up Remover [11].  And since there were a few nights I didn’t get *quite* as much sleep as I would have liked, I brought along the Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-On [12] to combat puffiness — an absolute necessity!  And for the mornings when even that wasn’t quite enough, I dabbed on a little Cle de Peau concealer [13] too.


This Estee Lauder Pure Color blush in Peach Passion was the only blush I brought — I’m in love with it.  I want to stop raving about it because I know it won’t be in stores for a few months, but I can’t help myself.

I also love Makeup Forever HD Finishing Powder [14] for when you want your makeup to last all day!  I don’t use this every day, so I’m still on the tiny Sephora sample I got months ago, but it really does make a difference and I absolutely plan to buy the full size when this runs out.


I tend to be kind of a bore with lip color, so I basically just brought a bunch of shades of pale pink.  The two pictured in this photo are Dior Addict gloss in Flash [15] and Estee Lauder gloss in Pink Shimmer [16], and I also brought Tom Ford gloss in Pink Guilt [17] (not pictured, but Instagrammed here [18]!).

For lipstick, I wore Chanel Fetiche [19] literally every day — my mom gave it to me for Christmas, wow, she knocked it out of the park with that one.  It’s not in the picture because I kept it in my carry-on for the flight!


I actually ended up getting a Shellac manicure before I left, so I didn’t have to worry about polish chips or changes!  But I brought this Chanel Black Satin [20] as a backup, just in case!

So that’s about it!  Just the bare essentials, right?  :-)

(And in case anyone is curious, my amazing leopard print makeup bag is actually from Talbots — I know, can you believe it?!)

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