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June 23rd, 2015 · Print Print

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He’s so big these days! 

Bear started walking a few months ago, and I know it’s such a cliche to say this, but, seriously, chasing down a toddler is exactly as exhausting as it sounds!  He is such a blast these days — my tiny baby suddenly turned into a little boy!  I still can’t believe how fast it’s gone.  (Another cliche, but still completely true.)

And here’s a new thing… he dances!  One morning, I was singing a song to him and he started dancing — it was actually the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. 

My little guy can totally groove!

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four tips for getting black-tie glam!

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June 10th, 2015 · Print Print


Wedding season is officially under way, and I’m sure you guys have full social calendars this summer!  I’ve gotten my black tie prep routine down to a science (what can I say? this girl loves her gowns!), so I want to share a few beauty tips and tricks that will be helpful to you guys when getting your own fancy on this summer.

Let me know if there is anything missing from this list that I should try! 

Splurge on Luxe Locks
Whenever I have a really exciting event coming up, I try to squeeze in time to get my hair done beforehand.  It adds a layer of polish to your look that’s hard to re-create at home and makes the evening feel really special.  And a great blowout lasts for a few days, so you can look chic for Sunday brunch, too!

If you Build Buy it, They Will Come
I love to buy new dresses for special occasions, but I hate the pressure that comes with needing something right now, which inevitably means that I’ll spend a whole day shopping and not find anything I like.  So now I make an effort to find dresses I love before I need them so that I have something on hand in a pinch!  And even better?  I just discovered Rent the Runway, where this Bagdley Mischka gown is from!  You can “rent” a gown for a special event and then return it afterwards — genius!  (And no, ha ha, this post isn’t sponsored, I promise!) This was such a gorgeous statement dress and I loved not having to worry about when I’d wear it again! 

Lashes for Days
Hair, nails, a dress – cha ching! A quality pair of drugstore lashes, however, are often less than $10 and arguably do more for your look than anything else. A fuller lash immediately gives me a boost of confidence and sense of femininity. The best part is, if applied correctly, nobody will be able to put their finger on exactly why you look so good!

Be Present In the Moment
It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of a big event that you lose focus and wind up stressed out.  By taking a few minutes to focus on being mindful and present before a party or a big night, I can start the night on a more calm, relaxed note.  It just takes a few minutes — as you’re getting ready, set a timer for just a minute or two and sit calmly, focused on your breathin.  Then take a big breath, slow down, and enjoy the getting ready process!

Black Tie 5.Final

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ice cream dreams

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May 31st, 2015 · Print Print

Blue Bunny 1

Between pregnancy and new motherhood, I’m not embarrassed to admit that our household has increased its ice cream intake significantly in the last few years.  As we head into the Houston summer (say it ain’t so!) ice cream is one of our family’s favorite refreshing treats.

I believe that there’s a place for everything in moderation, but lately I’ve been starting to think we need to cut back on the dairy intake.  Enter an awesome new solution: Blue Bunny Dairy Free Ice Cream.  It’s an extremely new product, only available in a few select test markets right now, Houston being one of them. (As a transplant from New York, it’s exciting and rare when Houston has something that New York doesn’t!)

What I like about this ice cream is that, aside from being dairy free (it’s almond based), it’s still as rich and creamy as ice cream should be.  I’ve tried a few almond and soy alternatives but never found one I truly love.  And Blue Bunny’s flavors are exactly in my family’s wheelhouse too: vanilla for me, mint chocolate chip for Chad, and chocolate for baby Bear!  (It also comes in Mocha Fudge.)

For me, daily products are fine in moderation, but if you’re lactose-intolerant, these are particularly worth checking out.  And even if you’re not, these ice creams are an excellent source of calcium, cholesterol free, and contain healthy fats.

I’m sure ice-cream family outings will still continue, but I’m excited to mix them up with some official “Blue Bunny nights” in our house too! I’ve stocked up at Kroger so next time we need our fix we’ll be good to go! 

And Blue Bunny has offered a giveaway to you guys!  To enter, leave a comment below.  One lucky winner will receive three coupons for free Blue Bunny treats!

Bon appetit!

Disclosure: I partnered with Blue Bunny to bring you this post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Blue Bunny 2


Blue Bunny 3

Blue Bunny 4

Blue Bunny 5

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