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making the case for flats

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January 11th, 2015 · Print Print


Last Friday, I had a lunch meeting with another lawyer, and she picked a spot in this really chic shopping area, one that I hadn’t visited in a while.  And I was coming off a very busy morning, and didn’t have much scheduled in the afternoon, so after our lunch ended, I thought I’d just take a quick peek into my favorite Houston boutique, which just happened to be right next door. 

And quick peeks are always bad for my wallet.  When I’m looking for something specific, I’ll shop for hours and come home empty-handed, but when I’m just browsing?  I always find something amazing.  It’s a curse, I tell you. 

So, about twenty minutes later, I found myself deciding between two pretty incredible pairs of shoes, which I captured on Instagram in the photo above.

The ones on the left are Giuseppe Zanotti flat sandals, and obviously, are pretty amazing.  And the ones on the right are pretty much my exact favorite shoe in the world — Jimmy Choo heels.  I have Jimmy Choo pumps in nude and black, and you guys have seen them in, oh, probably half the outfit posts on this site.  They’re chic, streamlined and elegant, and they go with absolutely everything.  I bought them both for full price (something I almost never do) and they average out to pennies per wear — that’s how much use I’ve gotten from them. 

The response I got on Instagram was almost unanimous — go for the Jimmy Choos.

And, you guys, I almost did.  Almost.

But then I had a moment of complete candor with myself, and you know what I realized?

In the last eight months, since our son was born, I’ve worn heels maybe a dozen times.  Total.  And most of those times were work-related, so those peep-toe pumps?  Probably not going to fly.  (While the fashionista in me disagrees, and open-toe shoes don’t really work in court.)

But you know what I wear all the time?


And ugh, you guys, there’s a part of me that is so disappointed that I’m writing this.  I’m 5’2″ and have loved platform heels since they hit the market — I love being able to look straight into people’s eyes, and that boost of confidence that a tall heel always gives me.  I love the way that heels shape your leg, and I love how glamorous it feels to wear them. 

Unfortunately, though… I’m also a really big klutz.  I can’t tell you how many scraped knees and ripped jeans that I’ve endured from toppling over in my high heels, and the fact is: when I’m carrying our son around, I just don’t feel safe in platforms.  Sometimes, if Bear will be in the stroller or I’ll be sitting down, I wear them anyway.  But most of the time, these days?  Flats. 

So, I bought the Giuseppe sandals. 

And, you know what? 

Lemons, meet lemonade.  Sure, I can’t wear my platforms as much as I used to.  On the other hand, how amazing are those sandals? 

Full outfit post in them soon, but for now — swoon!

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testing out Vidal Sassoon Salonist!

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January 8th, 2015 · Print Print


Back in December, I wrote about my love-hate relationship with dyeing my hair, so I was extra excited when I had the opportunity to try out Vidal Sassoon Salonist before it hit the market this month! I love my blonde locks, but trips to the salon are time-consuming and expensive (especially with a baby to account for while I’m there)!

Since I was midway between color appointments, my friend Laura volunteered to try out a brunette shade on her hair — she’s a fellow new mom of three-month-old Wyatt, so we were in the same boat. She’d been rocking an ombre style for a while but was pretty much done with it (I totally understand, having gone ombre for the better part of 2013 and eventually ditched it), so we picked the Light Natural Brown shade for her. The color was close to what she already had, but richer and more vibrant — exactly what she wanted.

And it looks SO GREAT. When she washed it out and dryed her hair, I couldn’t stop telling her how amazing it looked — the color was dimensional and full of depth, showing all the natural tones of her hair and totally avoiding that wig-like appearance you sometimes get with boxed color.

But we get to the before-and-after photos, let me first show you the best part:

Vidal Sassoon 10.Final

Yes. This entire hair-dye adventure was so easy that it fit into the space of one single naptime. It literally took less time to do her whole head than it usually takes me to drive to the salon. (Sigh.) No babysitters to coordinate, no appointments to run late for. (I would like to say “no crying babies,” but Bear is getting his top two teeth, so naptime inevitably involves some tears these days. Wyatt was a little dreamboat though!)

I have a blonde shade sitting in my bathroom cabinet that’s totally gorgeous and after this experience, I’m looking forward to taking the plunge! The trick to getting professional results was to treat the roots and lengths differently (particularly important here because Laura was coming from a lighter shade for the lengths), because your roots are undyed hair and your lengths have been colored dozens of times before. This has been a salon trick for ages, and I’m happy it’s finally coming to the home hair dye market too!

What do you guys think? I love the color on her, and there’s no more exciting makeover than a new mom’s!


Vidal Sassoon 3.Final

{applying color to Laura’s roots — then we used the Vidal Sasson Serum to transform the color for the lengths of her hair!}

Vidal Sassoon 4.Final

{Professional tools make application a breeze and prevent the dye from staining your hands and sink}

Vidal Sassoon 20.Final

{We had to snap an after picture together with Laura’s gorgeous new color!}

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a new way to stay dry (at Safeway!)

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January 7th, 2015 · Print Print


When my family was in town for Christmas, we were chasing Bear around one afternoon, and my sister turned to me and said, “clearly, carrying a baby around all day long is serious exercise, because your arms look amazing.”

And as a new mom, let me say: no part of my body feels “amazing” right now — but still, it was nice to hear. So the following weekend, as I was getting dressed for one last holiday party (pictured above), I figured: hey, why not show off my newly “amazing” arms?

See, I’m a girl who likes her tank tops, sleeveless dresses, and generally arm-baring outfits. Even when I’m feeling self conscious about other areas of my body, arms and shoulders generally get a pass.

But do you know what I deal with on a nearly nonstop basis when I’m wearing a lot of sleeveless outfits?

Deodorant residue.

(Yes, I went there. That selfie above in a Balenciaga gown is part of a post about deodorant.)


The single quickest way to ruin a cute, sleeveless outfit is getting white residue all over your beautiful clothes. (And the quickest way to ruin any outfit is to be stinky, so don’t even think about skipping deodorant. Period.)

So I wanted to share my solution for dry, clean protection with no visible residue: 48-Hour Dry Spray Antiperspirants. These new products go on instantly dry and provide odor and wetness protection, with no residue at all. The only active ingredient in dry spray antiperspirants is ACH (aluminum), which is commonly used to help control sweat but doesn’t leave a residue behind.

(Here’s a fun trick to try for yourself: Spray some on your finger, and then wipe it on the screen of your cell phone. No residue! Seriously!)

If you’ve never tried a spray deodorant before, there are awesome options from Axe, Dove, Dove Men+Care, Degree Men, and Degree Woman available at Safeway now! You can even save $2 at Safeway on any dry spray antiperspirant — click here for the coupon and for a chance to win a free full-size product!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Lunchbox, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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