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band-aids that make mom proud

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September 29th, 2014 · Print Print


Do you see that band-aid?

It’s not often that a mom is excited to see a band-aid on her baby.  In fact, I’d venture to say that it’s exactly *never* that a mom greets a sight like this with a smile.

With one exception.

When those band-aids are there after your baby’s four-month vaccines.

See, here’s the thing.  If you look at Facebook or sometimes even the news, you might think that there’s actually some medical controversy over whether or not you should vaccinate your kids.


Let’s be clear: Vaccines save lives.  We are very, very lucky to be living in a country and at a time when vaccines against deadly diseases are safe, effective and readily available.  Children all over the world do not have that luxury. 

And yet, parents — a terrifying number of parents — choose not to offer their children this life-saving protection, because of misguided fears that ignore science in lieu of groundless speculation.  The article that originally claimed to link vaccines and autism has now been universally discredited and withdrawn by the journal that published it.  No medical data has ever supported any link between vaccines and autism. 

And yet somehow this unfounded “controversy” lingers.  And it is putting kids at risk.

As parenting goes, you will almost never hear a whiff of judgment from me.  Breastfeed or bottle-feed?  Both are great.  Stay home or keep working?  Up to you, mama.  Daycare or a nanny?  Either one!  Night-wake till they’re two?  More power to you.  Cry it out?  You gotta do what you gotta do.

Not one of those decisions is life-or-death for your baby.  They are all choices that can be made in different ways by reasonable, caring parents.

Vaccinating your child?

That is different. 

That is life or death – and not just for your child, but for every other child they interact with.

That is a life or death decision you are making for my child.

See, vaccines aren’t 100% effective.  They require multiple rounds before a child reaches immunity, and individual kids may have different immune responses in a particular case, even if the vaccine itself is effective 99% of the time.  The reason we don’t see these illnesses anymore, even though the vaccines aren’t perfect, is because of herd immunity — because all kids get the vaccines, even if your kid isn’t perfectly immune, it’s very unlikely for him or her to be exposed to the actual disease.

But when parents stop vaccinating their kids?  Their kids are at risk, obviously.  But so is every single other child, whether it’s a newborn who hasn’t had any shots or a five-year-old with a severe allergic reaction that prevented his own vaccination.

Deciding not to vaccinate your children is not just stupid.  Sure, it’s stupid. 

But it’s also profoundly selfish. 

Those kids are depending on you.  My kid is depending on you.

So, please.  Please.  Please.  Inform yourselves.  Learn the science.  There is not, and has never been, any scientific evidence of a causal relationship between vaccines and autismVaccines save lives every single day, and as a parent, I am thrilled and grateful to be able to provide them for my child.

So those band-aids?

Yes, they make me smile. 

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in the tropics

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September 25th, 2014 · Print Print


Fall is my favorite time of the year in Texas — when the heat and humidity of the deep summer melts away, it feels like I’m living in a tropical paradise.  The weather calls for light dresses and tank tops, and the days are long and sunny until daylight savings hits.  As much as I miss the changing seasons in the Northeast, I love my long summers here in the south!

And what better pick for a late summer night than these mirrored Foster Grant aviators?  These have been my favorite sunglasses all summer long, and they’re not going away anytime soon!  I love the classic aviator style, and the reflection on the lens makes them fresh and modern.  Swoon!  (If you haven’t seen them yet, Foster Grant sunnies can be found everywhere from CVS to Walmart — they’re super affordable and come in a ton of amazing styles!)

I matched them with this new scarf top — the print is perfect for a hot evening, or it could be adorable under a blazer (and in case you want something with a little more coverage, I’ve linked to some other options below).  Here’s to summer nights!

Foster Grant sunglasses, La Fiorentina scarf halter top, La Mer Collections watch, ASOS skirt, Kate Spade clutch, Jimmy Choo heels.





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wear to work: fall suiting

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September 23rd, 2014 · Print Print

A pet peeve of mine about the fashion industry: its idea of “suiting” tends to be completely absurd.

For many years, I worked in law firms where a suit was not just expected but actually required — and even on days when I could get away with “business casual,” a suit was still mandatory for days when I’d be in court. I was constantly looking for suits that were not only appropriate, but were actually somewhat cute — and let me tell you, it was tough.

See, the fashion world hears “suit” and gives you this:



Yes, seriously. If you look on Shopbop for suiting, the first option that pops up has big multicolored stripes, huge lapels, padded shoulders, all of it.  Rebecca Minkoff, I love you, but if you think this would work for an attorney in a federal courtroom, you have lost your mind.

The next option is a pure silk, leopard print, pajama-style suit.  I kid you not.

Don’t want those? Rag and Bone hears “suiting” and gives you: Chambray Shorts.

Totally. Those will definitely work for your conservative office job. Just shell out $450, show up to work in chambray shorts, and we’ll see how that goes for you.

And yes, these suits might look great on a Fashion Week attendee.  But for people with real jobs in real offices?

Not so much.

And, hey, I get it.  Suiting for women can be lovely, but it can also be frumpy and uncomfortable and profoundly un-cool.  It’s a workhorse in your closet, and it’s hard to get it right.

But, you know what?

Working women need those workhorses, and they need them to be chic, and stylish, and fashionable without making you look like a giant clown.

So with that in mind, I’ve pulled together a few options for fashionable suiting that isn’t absurd.  Whether you’re gearing up for your first post-college interview or you’re the CEO of a corporation, here are some suits that will make you feel as polished, confident and professional as you deserve to feel.




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