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two months old!

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June 30th, 2014 · Print Print


Dear Baby Bear,

You are two months old!  It’s astounding how much you’ve changed already — I find myself scrolling through old pictures, astonished at how much you’ve grown in just a few short weeks.

Physically!  You went from the fourteenth percentile to the fiftieth in two months!  I’m not at all surprised, since your appetite is no joke — but now that we’ve gotten used to breastfeeding , I’m hoping it’ll be smooth sailing from here.  You’ve had one growth spurt after another for the last few weeks, and I’m so happy that you’re getting big and strong!

Emotionally!  You started to smile this month, for real — not just the little gas-induced smiles that we saw in your first few weeks.  It’s wonderful to give you kisses and watch your whole face light up, or to see you grin at the ceiling fan.  (You love ceiling fans so much – I can’t believe I ever considered removing yours from your bedroom!)

Cognitively!  You just started being interested in toys and books, and I know that this coming month will bring so much more development.  It’s exciting to see you discover the world around you and I’ve loved learning the things you enjoy (the Baby Bear book, your octopus toy, and every musical instrument I can find).  You recognize me and your dad now, and you’re even getting used to kisses from Rambo.  (Yes, we let our puppy kiss our newborn baby.  Don’t judge until you’ve tried keeping a nine-month puppy away from his new best friend.)

I’m overwhelmed by my love for you — but this month was harder than the first.  For the first four weeks, I was so blissful about your arrival that nothing phased me — not getting up in the middle of the night, not changing diapers, not even when you had fussy periods or crying fits.  But this month, I’ll admit… it was humbling.  I’d always thought that people were exaggerating when they talked about just how much work a baby is… They weren’t. 

I remember a few weeks before you were born, at lunch with a girlfriend, I said the following words: “People say being a mom is the hardest job in the world.  There’s no way that’s true.  I’m a lawyer.  There is no way that being a mom is harder than practicing law.”

Oh, silly girl.  They are completely, completely different, but in many ways, being a mom is much harder than practicing law.  Who knew? 

Here is the thing: I have never been more of a perfectionist about anything in my life (and I am a *huge* perfectionist) than I am about taking care of you.  I have worked incredibly hard at many, many jobs and in school, but I have never been as motivated to be completely perfect as I am with anything that concerns you. 

And you know what?  It’s completely impossible to be perfect all the time, no matter how hard you try.  I hate that I get panicked and frustrated when you cry, and I wish that I could be calm and serene and comforting for you, one hundred percent of the time.  I hate that sometimes I am so tired in the middle of the night that I forget to give you kisses and tell you how much I love you.  I hate that I went a full week without giving you a bath because you hated it so much that I just couldn’t bring myself to do something that I knew would make you cry — and so I didn’t.  (You got wiped down with baby wipes and no-rise cleanser, don’t worry — it wasn’t too gross.) I am doing my best, and still, every single day, I wish that I could be doing even better.

But we’re learning, together.  With every milestone you reach, I reach one of my own too.  Slowly, I’m starting to understand your signals and trust my instincts, and each week gets a little easier. 

I love you so very much.  I had no idea how wonderful it would be to meet you, and how much joy you would bring to our lives — but I also had no idea how difficult it would be, how much patience and energy and willpower it would take.  And I am trying, every day, to muster every ounce that I have of all those qualities, because I want nothing more than to make your babyhood as happy as it can possibly be. 

I think we’re doing okay, you and I.  So here’s to a happy, healthy, and completely wonderful Month Three.

With all my love,

Your mom.

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three tips for the perfect red lip

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June 25th, 2014 · Print Print


Red lips are hard to get right.

Seriously, if I were to pick the two hardest makeup trends to pull off perfectly, red lips would be #2.  (#1 would be the cat eye, which, to be totally honest, I still haven’t fully mastered, because it is really hard!)

But oh… that perfect red pout is just so pretty.  I can never resist giving it a try.

So, if you’re struggling, here are a few little tips I’ve learned throughout my many, many attempts:

Pick the Right Shade:
Go to a makeup counter.  Try on a dozen red lipsticks, then come back.  Are you done?  Ok, then go back and try on a dozen more.  I can wear basically any shade of pink, but 99.9% of the red lipsticks I try on look terrible.  For me, the best shades are light, bright and almost pink-ish, but there’s no substitute for trying a bunch of different shades and picking the one that’s right for you.  (The silver lining?  Once you have one you like, you’ll have your shade forever!)

Slow and Steady:
Red lipstick is not something you want to get all over your face.  When applying, brace your hand on a countertop or against the mirror to prevent shaking (I use this trick for eyeliner too)!  You don’t need to use a lipliner, but be sure to clean up any mistakes with a Q-Tip! 

Keep It Simple:
You know the obvious advice — don’t play up your eyes if you’re playing up your lips!  Sure, stay away from the smokey eye, but remember to also keep your nails and accessories minimal!  A red lip is beautiful in its simplicity, and it pairs well with nude or blush tones for your eyes, blush and manicure. 

And, of course, be sure your skin is fresh and smooth!  A red lip draws tons of attention to your skin, so be sure you’re moisturized and luminous when you’re trying out this look!

Products: Clarins Rouge Eclat/Pink Fuschia; Q-Tips Precision Tips.


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california dreamin

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June 23rd, 2014 · Print Print


About four years ago, when Chad and I were just starting to think about the possibility of leaving New York, we spent several days in Los Angeles. 

It was a serious trip — we were house-hunting (or, at least, house-window-shopping), trying to get a sense of what we could afford in cities that weren’t Manhattan. 

Only, the thing was: it was freezing.  It was this weird August when California was freezing cold, so the weather in Santa Monica, where we spent most of our time, was grey, windy, and about fifty-five degrees most days.  I only made one purchase that whole trip, and it was a big cozy sweater from J. Crew. 

Yes, I went to LA in the middle of summer, and bought a sweater.

But one afternoon, just for something to do, we left Santa Monica behind and drove out to Malibu.

And as we drove, it was like the clouds opened up — suddenly, the weather was eighty degrees and sunny.  I took off my sweater.  I put on my favorite sunglasses.  And we had lunch by the ocean, on a beautiful blue-sky afternoon.

Even though we decided against moving to California a few months later, sometimes I still think of that beautiful afternoon, when everything suddenly took a turn for the outrageously beautiful. 

So, with this outfit, I decided to recreate it — starting with my new, updated version of those favorite sunglasses.  I’ve always loved aviators — they’re the coolest sunglasses around, bar none — and this Foster Grant pair is the one that I’m constantly reaching for nowadays.  If I suddenly found myself in the middle of a sunny Malibu afternoon, they’d be on in four seconds flat.

Foster Grant sunglasses, The Classic tank, Abercrombie shorts, Tiffany & Co., Ettika and Alex and Ani bracelets.




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