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skin appreciation

Posted By katy On April 27, 2012 @ 5:40 am In beauty,style,This post was created in connection with my appointment as an Ambassador in the Simple® Skincare Program. | 6 Comments

In honor of taking care of your skin, Simple Skincare [1] asked me to put together a quick list of ways that you can be kind to your skin on a day-to-day basis!  All sorts of little things can harm your skin, so it’s so important to remember the small ways you can minimize the damage!

First, if I were to pick any skincare tip, it would be SUNSCREEN!  I know I make a big deal of this every year as summer rolls around, but I wish someone had been there to tell me when I was seventeen how awful tanning is for your skin!  Tanning beds awful for your health (I put them on par with smoking) and for your skin!  Obviously, no one wants skin cancer, but you want to try to avoid wrinkles too!  So stay FAR away from tanning beds, and out of the sun (or at least, protect with SPF 30+ on the beach and Simple Skincare’s Vital Vitamin Day Cream [2] with SPF 15 for all day skin protection and moisturization — even for days you’ll be indoors)!

Second, keep your hands (and everything else) away from your face!  Scrubbing down too often can irritate sensitive skin, so less can be more when you’re being kind to skin!  I try my best to keep my hands, cell phone, sunglasses (basically anything that can pick up grime) away from my face as much as possible, so that I only have to cleanse twice a day!  You want to keep your face free from irritants like sweat or dirt, but not strip away all of your natural oils, so be sure to use a great sensitive skin cleanser like Simple Skincare’s Refreshing Facial Wash Gel [3] –- it leaves your skin cleansed and revived. 

Last, all the things that you do to stay healthy in your day-to-day life help your skin too!  Things like eating unprocessed food and healthy fats, keeping stress under control, and getting eight hours of sleep per night are crucial to your beauty routine *and* your overall well-being!  So be kind to your skin by being kind to your whole body!

What are your go-to tips for being kind to your skin?

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