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style: fashion’s night out 2010

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Above: Me being interviewed for the Rebecca Taylor website!

When I think about the last week, the only way to describe it that makes any sense is to start at the beginning.  And the beginning of Fashion Week, for me, was Fashion’s Night Out.

Truth be told, I had trouble focusing on anything else on Friday afternoon — I couldn’t wait for the fun to begin!  There was so much going on in NYC that I’d made a full, jam-packed itinerary — a mix of events that sounded great, stores that had reached out to me to attend, and a few key items that I needed to buy over the course of the night (with quite a bit of overlap between those three categories).

And what a night.  We started off at Missoni, where I was so excited to meet Margherita Missoni in person and drool over their gorgeous clothes.  Then down Madison Avenue with a quick stop at Fred Leighton, where super-stylist Lori Goldstein was there to promote the line of jewelry she collaborated with them on.  Sadly enough, apparently Sarah Jessica Parker showed up just after we left!

Me with Margherita Missoni

Me with Lori Goldstein

Then, on to the next big stop on my itinerary: the fabulous and extraordinarily expensive Judith Lieber had promised to sell 100 handbags for $100 each at 7 pm on the dot, for charity, on Fashion’s Night Out.  We got there at 6:55 and the store was packed.  PACKED.  I did some quick counting, and my two friends and I were about at the hundred-person mark.  Which meant almost an hour of standing in line, with no guarantee that they wouldn’t run out of bags by the time we made it to the front.

But, we stayed.  The prospect of buying at $3,000 bag for $100 can coerce me to stand in line for quite a while.  And I ended up being happy we did, because while we were waiting, I experienced one of my favorite moments of the night.  Scroll down…

Yes, that is a real live fireman.  You see, as I twittered at the time [1], the fire alarm went off at least twice as the hundred-or-so people waited in line.  And you know I was serious about buying one of those bags because the repeated suggestion that there might be a fire in the store did nothing to deter me.

And then the alarm went off a third time.  Promptly followed by the arrival of an…

Entire.  Truck.  Of.  Firefighters. 

Complete with hoses and pickaxes and cutie pie fireman hats (yup, pretty sure that’s their technical name).  Once they’d successfully determined that the store was not, actually, on fire, they even posed for photos with some of the women waiting in line!

OMG.  Only in New York:

But this story has a happy ending, because we just barely made the cut to buy handbags.  We bought bags #97, #98 and #99 out of 100 — if we’d been a minute or two later, someone would have been going home empty handed.  My bag is white satin with crystal accents — not a color I’m likely to wear on a regular basis, so I’m thinking about having it dyed black.  Chad thinks I’m insane to modify a bag that’s so expensive, but I feel like anything that would make me get more use out of it is worthwhile!  The bag is below — let me know if you have any thoughts!

Our next stop was Prada where Dakota Fanning was looking gorgeous and very grown up and Grace Coddington was being chatted up by a flock of admirers.  We left to head downtown right before Anna Wintour herself apparently showed up — along with Serena Williams, straight from the U.S. Open.

Our last big stop was Rebecca Taylor, where I had set aside a dress earlier in the week that I wanted to wear to their fashion show later in the weekend!  While we were there, I gave an interview for their website, which was super fun and basically just involved me gushing about how pretty their dresses are… which wasn’t hard!  The rest of the night, we flitted from shop to shop, trying to avoid the craziest crowds and hit as many of my favorites as we could.  The clock struck eleven well before I was ready to call it a night, but it was going to be an early morning on Saturday for my first fashion show, so I headed home to bed.

To be continued!

Dakota Fanning at Prada

Me, trying on a gorgeous fur coat at Prada

Grace Coddington at Prada

Buddying up to one of the mannequins at Prada

Packed ground floor at Prada

Crazy crowds in Soho

All photos by Kristen [2].

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