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style video: cosmo practice safe sun awards

Posted By katy On June 14, 2010 @ 5:04 am In celebs,style | 9 Comments

So, if you follow me on Facebook [1], you’ll see that a few days ago, I posted an update that read:

Who knew when I started this blog that I would eventually get to interview a Congresswoman, the Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan, a Sports Illustrated cover girl and Veronica Mars, all in one day?!  Sometimes I get black and blue from pinching myself.

This statement was a product of my complete and total giddiness after getting to go to the Cosmopolitan Practice Safe Sun Awards, which was so incredibly fun and for a cause that I really care about.  And as part of that awesome morning, I created this video, so you guys can be there too!  I was such an excited little would-be journalist, standing with the line of photographers before the honorees walked out:


And I learned something completely undeniable in this process:  I am such a giant dork.  Like, no holds barred, ridiculous dork.  I wasted my first two minutes with Kristen Bell gushing about how she’s in every single one of my favorite television shows (but ha!  I’m the one who edits the video!  You can’t even tell!).  My good friend and impromptu camerawoman was equally starstruck — she gave herself away because the camera is super-shaky while Kristen is talking, and rocky steady the rest of the time.  But this event was so great, a little camera shake isn’t the end of the world.

Cosmo started their Practice Safe Sun campaign in campaign in 2006,  to raise awareness about sun protection and the connection between unprotected UV exposure and skin cancer.  As I’ve written about before [3], the only safe tan is a fake tan.  Go to Cosmo’s website [4] to learn about how to give yourself a check for skin cancer or get their cute Practice Safe Sun bracelet [5] with a $10 donation to the Melanoma Research Foundation (as seen on Kristen and the other honorees)!

More photos from the event below — thanks to Kristen Tranetzki for being a fantastic photographer and videographer!  And many, many thanks to Cosmo for inviting me!

Diane Von Furstenburg dress, Burberry belt, Michael Kors heels, Aqua necklace.


Me with Good Morning America News Anchor Juju Chang.


Me with Mets Third Baseman David Wright.

Kristen Bell being photographed.


Me with Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney.


Sport Illustrated cover girl Marissa Miller being interviewed.


Me, getting ready for the event to start.


Me with Kate White.


Me with Kristen Bell.


The Sugarlaws.com place in the paparazzi line!

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