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May 6th, 2010 · Print Print

I got this shirt at an amazing eco-friendly store which had a name — which I promptly forgot.   It’s a vintage Rolling Stones shirt that’s been redesigned and made modern — so fun!  I actually went back to the store twice, because this shirt was one of those items that you try on, and if you don’t buy it right away, you can’t stop thinking about it until you do.

As I’ve said on this blog before, I grew up in the era of grunge, and I will always have a little soft spot for the soft, printed tee-shirts and ripped jeans that I associate with that period.  I tried to modernize this look by adding my favorite pair of J. Crew leopard print flats, and I think the result is pretty fun.  Now all I need is Ethan Hawke and a flannel, and I’ll be ready as happy as my little thirteen year old self ever dreamed.

Trunk LTD shirt, Abercrombie boyfriend jeans, Cole Haan bag, J. Crew flats, vintage charm bracelet.


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