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wolf pack

Posted By katy On April 1, 2013 @ 5:01 am In style | 5 Comments


Here’s the thing: we love our internet memes in this household.  Barely a day goes by without me or Chad quoting one — whether it’s our framed print of “All Your Base Are Belong To Us,” some awesome Harlem Shake videos, or the totally amazing three wolves shirt (I bought one for Chad and had to get the women’s sized one for myself!), I sort of honestly believe that “stuff that’s cool on the internet” is the pinnacle of style.

So, honestly?  This shirt is epic.  Just read the reviews [1].  Two thousand Amazon customers can’t be wrong!

I meant this post to be an April Fool’s Day Joke, but to be honest?  Silly stuff on the internet is basically my bread and butter.  I love it!  So wear your Three Wolves shirts with pride, people.  We’re all secretly internet dorks at heart.

Three Wolves shirt [1], Forever 21 shorts (last summer), gifted By Boe bracelets (here [2] and here [3]), Bauble Bar necklace [4].




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