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… and we’re back


Actually, we’ve been back for several days, but I’ve been jetlagged and exhausted and trying to bring my mind back to reality after an incredible two week honeymoon.

Needless to say, I haven’t cooked anything for basically the month of July, which feels very rare and strange for me.  I have, however, had a lot of interesting inspiration — we spent the bulk of our honeymoon in French Polynesia, where the fish was the freshest I’ve ever eaten, the fruit, vegetables, juices (and cocktails) were exotic and surprising, and both Asian and French influences combined seamlessly in most of our meals.  Although frankly, anything that you eat on the beach is bound to be pretty darn good.

And the wedding.  Oh, the wedding.

I know everyone probably thinks this about their own wedding, but it was more perfect than I could have possibly imagined.  I am so lucky to have a mother who has literally devoted the past year to making sure I had the most stunning, insanely beautiful wedding that I could have wished for, and to take care of every single detail along the way so that the day went as smoothly as one could possibly hope.  Even the weather cooperated — we spent most of the week before being terrified of a rainstorm ruining our (entirely outdoor) wedding — but when they came, it was at 9 pm, after the sun had set and everyone was safely under the tents.

I’m going to be back on track fairly soon with some new recipes, but first I want to share a few little snapshots of our wedding with you guys.  I’m still waiting on the shots from our actual professional photographer, but these are mine from during all the preparations — hopefully I’ve captured the spirit of the wedding pretty well!