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beauty: on lashes

So, I should preface this post by admitting that I am wildly addicted to Keeing Up With the Kardashians.  All the Kardashian reality shows, in fact (including the Hills, when it was on, which falls under that same umbrella because of Brody).  And one of the things I spend the bulk of the show drooling over are Kim’s eyelashes.  I’m 99% sure they’re not natural, but they are spectacular.

And in my quest for those same gorgeous, superlong lashes, I spent a few months of last year paying an obscene amount of money for eyelash extensions — this crazy, incredibly time-consuming process where a beauty technician glues individual single fake eyelashes to your natural one.  They last a week or two of looking great, and you’re supposed to go in for “touch up” appointments every three weeks — but I’m lazy and would always wait too long, so mine looked kind of awful for that last week or two each month.  Also, they made my natural eyelashes fall out at a very alarming rate.

I finally got rid of them after about four months (mostly because Chad threatened to take them out of my clothing budget when I told him how much they cost), and since then, I’ve been experimenting with everything lash-extending.  I’m smitten with DiorShow mascara for everyday, but when I want to really make a statement, fake eyelashes are pretty darn fun.  These are Makeup For Ever from Sephora (the Carolyn style [1]), and I trimmed them a little bit when I got them home.  Chad thinks it looks like I have animals growing out of my eyelids when I wear these, but you’ve gotta love those smoldering Kardashian eyes, right?

Don’t forget, today is the last day to enter the Irene Jung giveaway [2]!  I’ll announce the winner tomorrow!