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beauty: pink shadows

There is something really fun about playing around with makeup.  Since we all know I play a grownup version of dress-up on a regular basis, it’s probably not too much of a surprise that I basically adore playing around with beauty products almost as much as playing around with clothing!

I thought that for one of my first make-up posts, I’d tackle a toughie: the red lip.  Half the time, I put on red lipstick and then immediately wipe it back off — it just feels too out there for everyday life.  But when CoverGirl sent me this eyeshadow pack [1] in a lovely bag of sample products, I figured that a girly pink eyeshadow would actually be a fun match to make red lips a little more demure.

My friend Richa gave me these beautiful hoop earrings — she makes modern Indian inspired jewelry, hand-crafted out of fine and vintage materials.  And they are stunning.  I wore these same earrings to the Kenneth Cole dinner [2] last week, and got plenty of compliments!  Take a look at more of her jewelry here [3], and use the code “Sugarlaws” for a 10% discount on any purchase!