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braided updo tutorial

I’m always looking for fun, easy styles for my hair, and this one is absolutely one of my favorites.  It’s super simple and only takes a few minutes — the only catch is that you need fairly long hair to make it work.  But other than that, this is super easy — as I say in the video, the only trick is using hair from below your top layer of hair for the braid, and burying the bobby pins that you use to secure it under a layer of hair on the other side of your head.

Ever since the Erin Fetherston [1] show this Fashion Week, I’ve been seeing braids everywhere.  But the hair from her show officially falls into the un-recreate-able at home category in my book — I wouldn’t even know how to get started. 

Still, braids are a perennial favorite of mine — I’ve been known to braid my hair when we’re waiting for brunch to be served, when we’re waiting for an airplane to get to the gate, or just when we’re chilling out at night watching television.  I love the hippie-chic look of braids, and this one look is as simple as it gets.

This week has been so crazy — I have so many amazing things in the pipeline that I can’t wait to tell you guys about!  Also, Chad and I have been making a major effort to cook healthy (even on weeknights when we’re usually too exhausted to bother), so I have some awesome new recipes to share with you guys!