july glamour!

July 18th, 2014 · 4 Comments

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You know your new baby has seriously warped your priorities when you realize that:

(1) There’s a picture of you in the July issue of Glamour, and:

(2) You somehow forgot to mention that fact on your fashion blog.

Anyways, so that’s embarrassing!  But I had to finally get around to finally telling you guys!  Pick up a copy if you see one this month — pretty cool!  (It’s the one with Keira Knightly on the cover, and I’m on the last page!)

Also, LOL — 2.5 months after giving birth, the last thing I feel is “sexy and I know it” — but thank you, Glamour, for making me feel pretty chic!

And an extra special thanks to reader Liz for noticing my picture and letting me know!  I had no idea and probably would have missed this without you!

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MTV Style!

April 8th, 2011 · 11 Comments

So excited to pop onto Twitter yesterday and see that I was featured on MTV Style!  And I was even more excited that it was all due to my Forever 21 sequin miniskirt, which cost a whopping $24.80.  Pretty sure that translates to about $.000001 per wear, because I’ve worn the heck out of this thing.  Sometimes when I find something that great and that cheap, I’ll seriously consider buying two at once — now I wish I had!

Check out the full MTV feature here, and congratulations to Francesca and Ashley as well!

I’ve got so much exciting stuff lined up — two COVERGIRL makeup-related projects and then we’ll be unveiling the Brahmin catalog I styled!  I can’t WAIT to show you guys the final product — it’s going to be amazing!

Chad, Calvin, Coco and I will be enjoying the warm weather this weekend (finally!) So I’ll leave you with a little glimpse of my real life (the part after the parties and the clothes, and all that — the part I usually don’t show on this blog): My little family.

Happy weekend everyone!  And big thanks to MTV!

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