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So, I spent part of this weekend (and a good bit of the nights this week) watching old episodes of my favorite show of all time — Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  And let’s face it, before Joss Whedon was writing half-a-billion dollar movies like the Avengers, he was doing something equally awesome (to me, at least).  The Best.  Show.  Ever.

But I digress. My love of Buffy has nothing do do with this outfit (except that I think she might well have worn it, circa seasons four or five).  This was actually the outfit that I wore before I left for New York, to celebrate my birthday with an awesome group of friends!  The best thing about this outfit is its simplicity — just a totally beautiful black dress, some great gold cuffs, and the same pink pumps that I’ve been drooling over all the time this week!  Obsessed, it’s official.

Gifted Rachel Roy heels [1], Zara dress, ASOS cuff bracelets [2], gifted Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC bag [3], Foster Grant “Chaos” sunglasses.