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chocolate fudge

chocolate fudge from sugarlaws

Are there any of you out there who still have some holiday gifts that aren’t finished yet?  Maybe you’re a bit behind in your shopping, maybe there’s someone you just remembered about, or maybe you just want to do something unexpected and special for someone you care about.  And maybe, just maybe, you want that special and unexpected thing to be edible.

Also, because time is short this season, maybe you don’t want that lovely edible present to take all day.  Also, maybe you don’t have a candy thermometer.

Maybe all those things are true.  And if they are, oh, do I have a recipe for you.

Because this is a chocolate fudge recipe that’s decadent, easy, and stunningly delicious.  Try it, and the recipient of this little holiday gift will thank you (and me!) until next year.  And what better to serve for dessert at Christmas, or for New Years?  I know I couldn’t turn down a square of this delicious fudge.

Also, the big winner for the It’s Complicated giveaway is comment #99, Janice!  The two additional winners are comments #30 and #112, Steve and Carole!  I’ll be emailing later today for your addresses!

chocolate fudge from sugarlaws

Chocolate Fudge Recipe

1 pound good-quality dark chocolate, chopped
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
1 (14-ounce) can sweetened condensed milk

Prepare a dish for the fudge by lining it with tin foil, and then coating the foil with cooking spray.  Toss all the dry ingredients together (including the chocolate) until lightly coated, and then stir in the condensed milk.  Set the bowl over a saucepan containing simmering water until the chocolate is melted, and then remove the bowl from the water and stir for another minute or two.  Pour the fudge into the prepared pan, and then refrigerate until set, several hours or overnight.  Take the fudge out of the pan, cut into squares, and serve.

chocolate fudge from sugarlaws