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giveaway: it's complicated

IC_Prizepack (1)

Have I got something for you.

First, I will say, it’s the holidays, and I get a lot of offers from PR firms who want publicity for their products. I turn down 90% of them, because I don’t think they’re products that you guys would be interested or because they wouldn’t fit with the content of this blog.

However, when I was approached about doing a giveaway for It’s Complicated [1], I said yes in about ten seconds on the dot.

First: Alec Baldwin, who I honestly believe is the funniest person on television since Arrested Development was taken off the air. Second: Meryl Streep. And I think I am probably the only person on earth who has ever put Meryl Streep second on any list, ever, and we all know that’s because she’s amazing. Third: Steve Martin! Have you bought your tickets yet?

And even better: there’s something in it for you, because Sugarlaws is giving away some really awesome prizes over the next two weeks! One *big* winner will receive a $50 Visa Gift Card, and It’s Complicated Tote Bag filled with an apron, t-shirt, blanket and the official soundtrack!

And two additional winners will receive the It’s Complicated tote bag with an apron and t-shirt!

So, if you want to be in the running for one of these prizes, leave a comment below before December 21st! I’ll pick one big winner and two other winners randomly, and the results will be posted on Dec 22nd. The movie comes out Christmas day, so once you’re done slaving away in the kitchen, you can take a night off and go see it!


(Last, by the way — I haven’t been paid or given anything for this post. I just think the movie looks really cute and you guys would enjoy the prizes!)  *** Update: Although this was true at the time I wrote it, the marketing company unexpectedly offered to send me a set of the prizes as well, and I accepted (of course).  They also sent me a $10 Starbucks gift card for the holidays — nice people!