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godiva and top chef

Have you guys been watching Top Chef Just Desserts?  When I was invited to this event last week, I was sort of embarrassed to admit that I’d actually never seen an episode!  It’s particularly ridiculous because I *love* Top Chef, and I love desserts even more — and yet somehow, I’d never even realized that this show had started!

Godiva threw this event to celebrate their Quickfire challenge on last week’s episode of the show, where the contestants each created a selection of chocolates that symbolized different turning points in their lives.  Morgan (below) was my favorite pretty early on into the episode (passionfruit!  bittersweet chocolate!  top chef crushing his soul!  good stuff!) and I wasn’t surprised at all that he won.  Even more exciting, after the win, he walked into the room, along with platters of the chocolates he’d created, which are part of Godiva’s holiday lineup.  Absolutely delicious — I brought home a box for Chad, and it was empty within about 24 hours.

The other judges, including zomg Gail Simmons love her, also put in an appearance, and the whole room was filled with incredibly decadent chocolate goodies.  Their walnut caramel brownie may literally be the best thing I’ve ever tasted, and I’m going to try desperately to recreate it on Sugarlaws for the holidays!

Gail Simmons, talking with Top Chef contestant Morgan

Table of chocolate goodies, pre-screening (drool.)

Me, trying to pick which chocolates to try!

Everyone watching the screening of the episode (no commercials!)

Dannielle Kyrillos, Alison Brod, and Gail Simmons, posing for a photo