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Hola Fruta! Giveaway

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You know what I think this website really needs?  More ice cream.  Because, let’s be serious here.  Can anyone possibly get enough ice cream?

I didn’t think so.

(You know what is fun about having a blog?  Getting to ask questions like that and pretending that a group of people have just answered exactly the way you wanted them to.)

But I digress.  And, in fact, this giveaway is not even for ice cream.  It’s for fruit sherbet, party supplies, and (I’m not kidding) a pair of maracas. Are you psyched yet?

The generous folks over at Pierre’s have offered a great giveaway called “Fiesta Fridays” on their website [6], and have let me give away two party packages on Sugarlaws!  If you win, you’ll receive 5 quarts of their new Hola Fruta! sherbet, enough bowls, napkins, spoons and coupons to distribute to a small army, ice cream scoops, invitations, and, of course, your very own maracas.

I will say, in case you don’t want a fiesta friday at your place of employment, I think that kids would be particularly excited about the ice cream and loud-rattling-instrument combo.  Hosting your son or daughter’s soccer team or girl scout meeting in the next few weeks?  Guess what would make that meeting a whole lot better?  And, for the responsible moms and dads out there, every flavor of this sherbet is low fat and less than 150 calories.  (I’ve been eating it almost daily since Pierre’s sent me a box, and I have not turned into a blimp so far.)

So, to win, leave a comment on this post!  The contest will run for two weeks, and I’ll pick two winners randomly and announce them on Monday, August 18th! If you want a double chance to win, Pierre’s is running the same giveaway on their Hola Fruta! website [7] — so once you’ve left a comment to enter here, you can click here [6] to enter a second time over there!