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how to wear a crop top tastefully


See that, up there?  That is my unabashed hope that when people google, “how to wear a crop top tastefully,” they end up here.

Because if that’s what you’re googling, you’re my kind of people.

Truthfully, I like the crop top.  Depending on the time of the day/month/year, I have a decent stomach, and I don’t mind showing it off… a little. Because the line between a cute, on-trend crop top and a complete fashion disaster is… easy to cross.  When I was a silly naive college kid, I basically wore them once a week… now I look back at my old photos and wish I could remind my little teenager self to bring a sweater. 🙂

So here are a few of my tips for embracing this trend in a way that you won’t regret a few years down the line:

Do Not Bare (Too Much) Skin
If you’re going to take away one piece of advice, let it be this: crop tops and low-rise jeans together are almost uniformly sleazy looking.  If you’re going to be wearing a top that shows your stomach, stick to high-waisted skirts and pants.  You want to show a hint of skin — not your whole body!

Cover Your Legs
When you’re wearing a crop top, go for a full leg — no miniskirts or short-shorts!  A full, flowy maxi skirt takes this look into boho, and that’s exactly what you want.  Sleek, high-waisted pants could make it a little more urban and polished, but either way, people are looking at your outfit, not your body.

Bring a Jacket
Seriously!  No matter how great you feel putting on that top in the first place, there will be a point in the day or night when you want a little more coverage.  Grab a cute jean jacket (I’m obsessed with this one from Koral) or a cardigan, and you won’t end up worrying about your outfit all night!

So there you have it — what’s your crop-top advice?  I really do love them, but they’re definitely a challenge!  Fortunately, when it’s so hot in Texas, nobody really bats an eye at anything that keeps you cool.  So maybe that’s the solution — move to Texas! 

Gifted Koral denim jacket [1], Sabo Skirt crop top, gifted Chaps skirt [2] (on sale now for $26!), gifted Alex and Ani bracelets [3].