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into the woods

Just got home from an epic round of Christmas shopping, so this is going to be a short post!  As much as I love this time of year, between the parties and the shopping and the holiday travel (ugh), it’s seriously exhausting!  I’m looking forward to having a night or two to myself sometime in January!

But my favorite (early) Christmas gift was an incredibly beautiful package from Australian designer Samantha Wills [1].  In it were eight of the most beautiful, unique, stunning pieces of jewelry I’ve ever owned, and I am so incredibly excited and grateful to wear them!  There has literally not been a single day since they came that I haven’t worn one (or more) of them, but layering them all together is my absolute favorite.  And her prices aren’t any higher than you’d pay at a J. Crew or Anthropologie — every piece I’m wearing in this post is $150 or under.  I’m already stalking her website for new arrivals!  I feel like she’s going to be huge — so I’ll be happy if you guys heard about her here first!  🙂

And one extra note on the shoes — I picked them up two weeks ago in New York with Payless, and I’ve been wearing them all the time!  I wore them to my book party, to a holiday party, to work, basically everywhere, because for heels that high, they are incredibly comfortable.  What a shock, right?

Gifted Samantha Wills Bella Bangle set [2], Distance & Time cuff [3], Bohemian Bardot necklace [4], Grand Tremezzo necklace [5], Club Monaco sweater, gifted Hudson jeans [6], Chanel bag, gifted Payless heels [7].