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Make Your Own Butter


Many of you have probably already made this by accident and just thrown it away, but I suggest doing it again on purpose.  This butter beats stick butter hands down, so I thought I’d spread the knowledge around.

Because what happens when you overwhip unsweetened whipped cream? You get delicious, soft, spreadable, unsweetened butter (and a little buttermilk as an extra bonus).

(How, you might ask, do you whip unsweetened cream without getting to the butter stage?  Add something to stabilize it — cream of tartar or gelatin powder disolved in a tiny bit of cold water, but that’s a post for another day.  Today, butter.)

How to make it?  So simple.  Pour some cream into mixing bowl, and mix it until it becomes whipped cream.  Then keep mixing it until it separates, and you can hear the butter solids sloshing around in the buttermilk. Pour out the buttermilk (save it for pancakes!) and pour 1/2 cup of water into the bowl with the butter solids.  Beat the butter again until any remaining buttermilk has released from the butter, and pour out the water.  Save the butter in the refrigerator, or spread it on toast immediately.

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