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movers are here!

Finally!  As much fun as it is to do the whole camping-in-an-empty-apartment thing, we were all getting a little sick of the air mattress.

So far everything seems to be intact, so as we spend the rest of the day sorting through everything and (hopefully) getting set up, I’m posting a few snapshots from the last week!

{just the bare beauty essentials for a week or two}

{quick, crucial stop at Dylan’s Candy Bar in the Galleria for me}

{trying on a vintage bottega veneta dress at a consignment store — loved the back!}

{grocery stores here are freaking insane}

{healthy-ish veggie pizza without cheese for brunch this weekend}

{also insane (but fun): the amount of texas memorabilia in all shapes and sizes, even for pooches!}

{coco taking her last nap on the air mattress before our real bed gets set up again!}