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new york fashion week: day five

After going a little crazy shopping for September Fashion Week, I made myself a promise this year that I wouldn’t blow my clothing budget on the week’s worth of outfits that I’d need this February.  My closet is full of amazing pieces, and there is absolutely no excuse for saying ‘I have nothing to wear.’

And yet… I did.  Probably every day, I looked through my closet, shelves and all my drawers, and I emerged with the conclusion that I had absolutely nothing to wear.

Fashion Week is a great time to think about your go-to style, and how you want to present yourself in a room full of the most fashionable people in the world.

Me?  I went with Forever 21.

You guys may disagree, but I think this olive sequin shirt looks a heck of a lot more expensive than the $15 I paid for it.  And these killer totally-on-trend heels were under $20!  The most fashionable people can find cute items at expensive AND inexpensive stores, because that’s what fashion is about.  So in a wash of four-figure bags and five-figure furs, I still felt pretty good about myself.

And, you know what’s nice?  I didn’t feel the need to spend four or five figures to fit in.  Fashion Week is a lot more welcoming than you would think — for the attendees, Forever 21 is at home alongside high end designers and crazy vintage gems.  So long as you love it and feel confident in it.

More shows soon — I have SO MANY to show you guys!  And I plan to cook all weekend, so I promise I’ll post some recipes soon too!

Forever 21 sequined shirt, Forever 21 heels, gifted SOLD Design Lab jeans, Gap sequined bag ($10 on sale at Christmas!), Burberry Coat.