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new york fashion week, day one

Fashion Week only started about 12 hours ago, and I’ve already bounced around to three shows, two events, a meeting, and I’m home for an hour before heading out for Fashion’s Night Out!

So, needless to say, my feet hurt.  But holy cow, what a day this was!  It started at 8 a.m. with a breakfast at Vogue with Anna Della Russo, who was dressed in the most amazing dress I’ve ever seen (of course), and totally cool.  Very worth waking up bright and early for!  Then I headed to Nine West’s Runway Relief breakfast with Nigel Barker, Chrissy Teegan and Almudena Fern├índez — not a bad morning (more pics here [1])!

Think my day couldn’t get any better?  I headed over to Lincoln Center for the Supima show, and got to sit not only front row, but right across from Rachel Zoe!  Are you kidding me?!  I was grinning at her like a huge dork throughout the entire show.  Supima Cotton sponsored several design students to put on their own mini-collections, and they were totally incredible!  You guys will be blown away.

And last but not least, I headed over to Tadashi Shoji and Candela!  Both were totally amazing — I don’t know what’s up with me, but lately all I want to buy are evening gowns.  I love the light, breezy, colorful fabrics for next spring already.  Fewer sequins, more chiffon with the occasional beaded pieces — everything a little more relaxed and a bit less uptight.  My kind of style!

And Fashion’s Night Out — come out to see me in SoHo!  I headed to the C. Wonder [2] showroom today for a quick pre-FNO meeting, and you can’t imagine how cute (and how amazingly priced) their stuff is!  You guys are seriously going to die when they open.  So make sure you come find me (I’ll be wearing this [3]!) to score a VIP invite to their opening party!

{with Anna Della Russo this morning at breakfast for her INC collaboration}

{across from rachel zoe and coco rocha at supima!}

{does it get any more gorgeous than this sleeve at Tadashi Shoji?}

{swoon.  at tadashi shoji}

{loved the hair at tadashi shoji!  two thin fishtail braids together, amazing.}

{an amazing black and gold combo at Supima}

{slightly military-esque ruffles at Supima}

{gorgeous detailing at Supima}

{a low key halter gown at Candela}

{downtown style at Candela — I have the same hat!}