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new york fashion week: nanette lepore

John Slattery’s head kept getting in my way during Nanette Lepore this morning.

Now, that’s a sentence I really never thought I would utter.

Most weeks, I’m pretty happy to be on the same continent as Roger Sterling, much less sitting a row behind him at a fashion show.  And a few seats down from him was Kelly Rutherford (also known as Lily van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl)!

And the show itself was gorgeous too!  I loved the mix of delicate cocktail dresses with chunky knit sweaters, and I love that designers have featured some light colors in their winter collections!  The first eight or so looks that came down the runway were all varying shades of white, and it was really quite stunning.

Oh, and it matched John Slattery’s hair.  Just saying.