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NYFW: what i wore, day one

20130207-212351.jpg [1]

You guys, in all the worrying I did about what to wear to fashion week, and the weather, and the travel, and all the other tiny things that have made my stomach flutter with nerves for the past weeks, I managed to forget one crucial detail… New York Fashion Week is just magical.

The energy, the beautiful, beautiful clothes, the stunning models and their styling, and the feeling that the whole fashion industry converges in one place to show the best it can do. It’s overwhelming, for sure, but that’s because it’s one incredible moment after another.

I sat ten feet away from Anna Wintour today. Hope she liked my earmuffs. 🙂

Photos by Jorge Aguilera.

On Me: DVF top [2], Trouve leather jacket [3], Sabo Skirt shorts [4], Jimmy Choo Abel pumps [5] (and a spare pair of Tieks [6]!), C. Wonder bracelet, Boostcase [7] iPhone case.


20130207-212258.jpg [8]

20130207-212314.jpg [9]

20130207-212751.jpg [10]


20130207-230210.jpg [11]

20130207-230309.jpg [12]