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NYFW: Saturday Highlights

20120212-095256.jpg [1]

I almost can’t put words to how beautiful the clothes have been this season.  I’m usually more into spring collections than fall, but I’ve loved all the amazing jackets, tailored pants, and beautiful pops of wintery color that have come down the runways this weekend. 

I have a full set of photos on my SLR that I’ll download when I get home, but I wanted to post a few highlights from this weekend as I go along.  Yesterday’s shows were amazing — warrior details to spice up classic Herve Leger dresses, incredibly beautiful, simple basics at Porter Grey that would fit into any closet, and a mix of menswear-inspired suiting and chic patterns at Tibi.  (And my photos from Jill Stuart, Rafael Cennamo and Vantan Toyko are still to come!)

This has been such an amazing weekend!  It’s kind of one big stimulation overdose, but between the beautiful clothes, the whirlwind busy schedule, and getting to see all my friends, I’ve basically gotten a weekend full of everything I miss about New York!  I’m so, so glad that I was able to make this trip — it was exactly what I needed.  🙂

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