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settling in

This has been quite a week!

Ever since the movers arrived last Thursday, Chad and I have basically been unpacking fourteen hours a day.  My arms are permanently sore from lugging boxes, and poor Chad has suffered some brutal cardboard-box-paper-cuts (poor thing).  Calvin and Coco were pretty freaked out when the movers were actually bringing stuff into our apartment, but as soon as they realized that all our stuff was finally back, they were pretty psyched.

This is only a temporary space — if all goes well, we’re hoping to buy a place next spring or summer!  But while we didn’t actually buy any new furniture for this apartment, somehow it manages to look completely different from our old place in New York (which you can see pictures of here [1] and here [2])!

I’m slowly adjusting to life outside NYC — it’s crazy how friendly everyone is here!  Almost every interaction — from buying groceries to standing in line at the post office — involves someone asking ‘how are you?’ and actually seeming like they care about the answer.  It’s also cooled down a bit to a balmy eighty or so degrees, so I’m a pretty happy camper this week.

And now that our living space is so cozy and settled, I can start organizing my closet!


And after!