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Simple Beauty


Last week, I had a blast chatting about summer skincare with the Simple Skincare [1] Simple Advisory Board on Twitter [2]!  We had an awesome group that consisted of a dermatologist, nutritionist, make-up artist, psychiatrist and fitness expert, and they gave out some great advice that was even new to me!

I’m always particularly interested in nutrition, so I learned quite a bit!  For one, Ellie Krieger suggested that if your skin is irritated, you could try keeping a food diary to make sure your blood sugar isn’t getting too high or low during the day.  I get low blood sugar pretty frequently, but I’ve never thought about the fact that it might also be impacting my skin — definitely something to keep track of!  Her #1 food recommendation was to avoid processed foods, especially white sugar and flour — I know I could definitely do better on that, so it’s something to think about this summer. 

Also, interestingly, the dermatologist on the Simple Advisory Board [3], Dr. Luftman, said that many of us don’t need to wash our faces twice per day!  She said that it’s important to cleanse at night to get all the dirt and grime off your skin, but I may try not washing (or just rinsing) my face in the morning to see how that works!  Have any of you guys tried it?  How did it work?  (Honestly, the idea of not washing my face in the morning kind of freaks me out, but I’ll try anything once!)